Chumba Casino Reviews

Chumba Casino Reviews

Chumba Casino is one of a few special online casinos known as sweepstakes casinos. Sometimes these are called social casinos. If you’re looking for a review about this casino, you’re in the right place! Chumba Casino accepts American casino players online from almost any US state. Additionally, Canadian casino players are accepted too.

Sweepstakes casinos get around most state-level gambling laws because they’re not seen as true gambling. They use their own types of currency, either Gold Coins or Sweeps Coins. A Gold Coin wager cannot win you any cash prizes – you’ll have to use Sweeps Coins to win prizes. Gold Coins are for entertainment only. You get a free Gold Coin package upon signup at the casino. There’s a few other ways to get free Gold Coins too, but you can purchase them as well.

There is no purchase necessary to play games at Chumba Casino online. However, these social casinos do offer almost all the same online casino games as real ones including casino slots, video poker, and much more. You can still win cash prizes while playing at sweepstakes casinos, but it works differently than real casino sites.

To get around gambling laws, sweepstakes casinos like Chumba Casino only let you purchase Gold Coins for free play. Gold Coins are for entertainment only. You cannot win cash prizes with Gold Coins. Instead, you can win cash prizes with Sweeps Coins. However, you can’t actually buy Sweeps Coins. We’ll go into more detail on how this works later.

Great Things about Chumba Casino:

  • Get a $30 Gold Coin package for just $10
  • Get 2 free bonus Sweeps Coins on signup
  • Redeem Sweeps Coins for cash prizes
  • American and Canadian players accepted

Chumba Online Casino Bonus for New Players

When you make a brand-new account at Chumba Casino online, you’re automatically eligible to receive the following casino bonus offer:

  • Get 2,000,000 Gold Coins and 2 Sweeps Coins for free when you signup (2 Sweeps = $2 cash)
  • Get access to a $30 Gold Coin package deal (3,000,000 Gold Coins and 30 Sweeps Coins) for just $10

Do I Need a Chumba Casino Promo Code?

To get the above new players offers, you don’t need any promo code. You simply need to be a new player making a new account. However, you do need to use our unique links to unlock these offers in your account.

Chumba Casino Bonus

Chumba Casino Bonus Codes

It wouldn’t be a Chumba Casino review unless we covered the casino bonus offers! Any new player that signs up for an account will get 2 Sweeps Coins for free as a Chumba Casino bonus! To receive this casino bonus, use the links here on this page to access the online casino site. Then, simply make a new account. You don’t need to use any Chumba Casino promo code.

Those Sweeps Coins you get upon signup can be redeemed for cash prizes! However, you’ll need to earn more of them to cash in. You can earn Sweeps Coins when you play games like casino slots. There’s no bonus code to unlock extra Sweeps Coins.

Chumba Casino Promo

Chumba Casino Promo Codes

The good news is that Chumba Casino will regularly give out free Sweeps Coins. You don’t even need a promo code to get them! To get in on the action, make sure you follow Chumba Casino social media accounts. The online casino will often hold sweepstakes contests on Facebook which will award free Sweeps Coins. Typically, these contests are very easy and simple to enter. First, you’ll need to like and follow the social casino page. Sometimes you’ll also need to share it or share a post. Occasionally, you’ll have to answer some simple trivia questions.

Usually, these social media contests have about 10 winners each. Every winner will get free Sweeps Coins. Winners are chosen randomly from the pool of entrants who have successfully completed all the entry requirements.

This is just one way that players can get Chumba Sweeps Coins for free. You can also simply send the casino a letter asking to receive free Sweeps Coins. Most social casinos let you get free coins this way. Social casinos have some rules for how this works, but anyone is able to write in and get free Sweeps Coins in their account.

Chumba Casino VIP Program

Unfortunately, Chumba Casino doesn’t have any sort of VIP program right now. It’s a big let-down for the regulars who spend lots of time playing. Most other casinos have robust comp programs for regular players or high rollers.

Chumba Casino Login & Registration

Chumba Casino Login

For this casino review, we made our own account at this casino. Chumba Casino has a very easy and simple signup process. Usually, it takes under 2 minutes to complete. No ID checks are required to make an account. All you’ll need to do is verify your email address via a confirmation email link.

However, if you choose to eventually play with Sweeps Coins and redeem cash prizes, there are other steps. You will need to provide official ID and verify your identity before you can redeem Sweeps Coins for cash prizes. However, this is not required during initial signup. This social casino left this out of its signup process so that it’s easier for new players to get started playing casino games.

The Chumba Casino website is very well designed. It has a smooth and intuitive user interface. Every important link and gaming option is presented clearly on the home page. Players can access almost everything at the online casino from just this one page.

There’s also just one page for browsing casino games. Players can scroll through them or filter by type. However, there is no way to search Chumba casino games by keyword. You’ll have to look manually, but there aren’t too many online casino games to sort through.

Chumba Casino App

While there is no Chumba Casino app, the casino’s website is optimized for mobile play. That means players can access it from smartphones and other devices. The Chumba mobile website will respond to any device’s screen size for a smooth playing experience.

How to Signup for Chumba Casino

It’s really easy to get started playing games at this casino. These are the basic steps to get going:

  1. Go to the Chumba website by using the links on this page. Then, click the big “sign up” button at the top right of the page.
  2. You can enter all your information and make an account, or login with Facebook.
  3. Enter an email you use regularly. Chumba will send you a confirmation email and you’ll need to click the link inside it. Check your spam folder if you don’t get the email quickly.
  4. Upon signup, you will get a 2,000,000 Gold Coin package and 2 Sweeps Coins for free. Sweeps Coins are worth the equivalent of $1. That means with 2 Sweeps Coins you’ll have $2.
  5. As a new player, you can also access a special Gold Coin package deal. Chumba will let you buy a $30 package (3,000,000 Gold Coins and 30 Sweeps Coins) for just $10.

Play Chumba Casino

Play Chumba Casino

Presently, there are about 70 games available on Chumba Casino online. Compared to some of the competition, this isn’t a big number. Most licensed online casinos have hundreds of games like slots, live dealer poker, video poker, blackjack, and tons more. However, players in US states that prohibit online gambling really don’t have much choice. It’s still much better than nothing!

Chumba Casino Games

Chumba Casino Games

The majority of the games available at this casino are slots. However, this social casino does offer two card-based games. The first is blackjack. The second is Jacks or Better video poker. Jacks or Better is one of the world’s most popular video poker variants. Recently, Chumba also added roulette to its table game offerings.

Outside of these few table games, Chumba is known mainly for slots. There are more than 70 Chumba slots titles available right now. Most Chumba slots start at a 250 Gold Coin wager, or 0.01 Sweeps Coins. If you’re feeling lucky, you can place a maximum bet of 5,000,000 Gold Coins or 500 Sweeps Coins per spin at Chumba slots.

Chumba Casino table games start at the same minimum wager: 250 Gold Coins, or 0.01 Sweeps Coins. However, the maximum wager is lower than Chumba Slots. It is capped at 1,000,000 Gold Coins or 100 Sweeps Coins per hand.

So, Chumba Casino has two types of games: Gold Coin games and Sweeps Coin games. Gold Coin games are for fun only and won’t get you any prizes. However, if you wager Sweeps Coins, you’ll get this currency if you win. You can then redeem Sweeps Coins for cash prizes.

Of all the Chumba slots games, there are three progressive jackpot slots. They are: Stampede Fury, Reelin N Rockin, and Triple Double Fever. These games are tough to win. However, they will payout up to the equivalent of $1 million in Sweeps Coins over a given year.

If you’re coming from a licensed online casino, you will notice that Chumba Slots are not as flashy. That’s because Chumba can’t get the same slots as regulated online casinos can. However, Chumba slots are still fun to play and offer big chances to win.

Chumba Slots Titles

Since social casinos can’t use the same online slots games as licensed online casinos, they have to get creative. Chumba Casino actually builds and codes every slots game in-house. That means they’re all unique to Chumba Casino.

These are a few of the top Chumba slots:

  • Western Gold
  • Stampede Fury
  • Reelin ‘n Rockin
  • Big Goreela

Chumba Purchase Options

Chumba Gold Coins

Since Chumba Casino is a sweepstakes casino, there’s no way to buy Sweeps Coins. However, players can buy Gold Coins and get Sweeps Coins as a free casino bonus. There are plenty of other ways to get free Sweeps Coins too. Frequently, the casino holds free social media contests where Sweeps Coins are given away. Additionally, you can write to the social casino to get a few free Sweeps Coins in your account. All players are also given free Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins upon signup.

To buy Chumba Gold Coins, you can use the most common online purchase methods. Chumba currently accepts Visa, Mastercard, and direct transfer from your bank. Chumba Casino does not accept American Express.

The casino also recently partnered with WorldPay to offer more payment options. Additionally, Chumba Casino just partnered with Skrill, a popular e-wallet similar to PayPal. The casino is likely to add more payment options in the coming months too.

With credit cards, Chumba Gold Coins can be bought in increments of $10. Remember, you can only use Visa or MasterCard – American Express is not accepted. However, it’s a little different for bank deposits. Players must first select the Gold Coin package they want, then navigate to their bank via the casino site. Chumba Casino makes it easy to sign in and make a purchase directly from your bank.

Chumba Casino also offers a self-limit feature. This can help players limit their gambling. Chumba lets you limit both your Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins.

Chumba Prize Redemption

Once you’ve collected at least 100 Sweeps Coins, you can redeem them for cash prizes. However, you’ll have to go through a verification process first. You will need to provide ID and documents to verify your identity. You can’t redeem Gold Coins for any prizes.

Usually, this process doesn’t take more than a day or two. Once it’s done, the casino will email you a unique 10-digit pin number. Make sure you don’t lose that pin – you’ll need it for all future redemptions. If you’re verified, cash prize redemptions should take less than 48 hours.

Chumba Support

Chumba Casino offers responsive support via these three methods:

Chumba Casino is very active on its Facebook page, so this is an excellent way to get in contact with the casino. They will post at least a couple times each day. Additionally, their typical response time to direct messages is just a few hours.

With such an active Facebook page, Chumba is very responsive to public complaints. If you post a negative comment, you can expect a reply very quickly.

Additionally, Chumba Casino offers a customer support portal on its website. This portal is run by the popular support service ZenDesk. This service is used by most of the largest websites. ZenDesk lets you submit support tickets, plus browse FAQs and guides.

The customer support portal is also where players can set up self-limits on purchases. Limits can be set on daily and weekly purchases as well as daily play time and losses per day. Additionally, players are able to fully self-exclude themselves from their own accounts for limited time periods.

How Chumba Casino Works

Chumba Casino is a sweepstakes casino, meaning that every game interaction is seen as a mini sweepstakes contest. These casinos are also known as social casinos since the currency used has no value outside the casino site.

At Chumba Casino, you can only redeem prizes using Sweeps Coins. You can’t buy these coins. However, you can buy Gold Coins and get Sweeps Coins as a free casino bonus. You can also play games with Gold Coins, but you won’t win any prizes. There are lots of ways to get free Gold Coins and play free games at casino Chumba.

How to Get Chumba Casino Sweeps Coins

Sweeps Coins can’t be bought outright. These are the ways you can get them:

  • Win a Chumba Casino Facebook contest
  • Mail a letter to the casino
  • Buy Gold Coins and get Sweeps Coins as a bonus

The mail-in method is easy and relatively cheap – just pay for postage. There are limits and rules to this method, so check out the terms on the their website.

Usually, Chumba’s Facebook contests run at least once a day. That gives you plenty of chances to win free Sweeps Coins.

Finally, you can just buy Gold Coins and be done with it. You’ll get a bonus amount of Sweeps Coins proportional to the number of Gold Coins you buy.

Casinos Similar to Chumba

There are plenty of other sweepstakes-style casinos on the internet. These are some of the best ones broken down by type:


  • LuckyLand Slots: This sweepstakes casino offers only slots.


  • Global Poker: This sweepstakes casino offers only video poker games.

Sports Picks

  • FendOff Sports: This sweepstakes-style site lets you make picks on sporting events. It is not “betting” but you can redeem for cash prizes if you pick the right things.

Chumba Casino Ownership

Chumba Casino is owned by VGW Malta Limited, part of the VGW Group. VGW also owns Global Poker, a sweepstakes casino that offers only video poker games and variants.

Chumba Casino FAQ

Is Chumba Casino Legal in the USA?

Yes. Chumba Casino is legal in almost every US state. It’s also legal across Canada. That’s because it’s a sweepstakes casino. Every game event is seen as a mini sweepstakes contest.

Are You Sure Chumba Casino is Legit?

Yes, absolutely. The casino is actually fully licensed and regulated in Malta. This is a popular gambling haven because of its laws. The authorities there are very strict and keep a close eye on all gambling activities.

How Do I Get Paid If I Win?

To get prizes, you need to redeem Sweeps Coins. You will need at least 100 Sweeps Coins to be eligible for redemption. First, you’ll need to go through a verification process. Once that’s done, redemptions take about 48 hours. Chumba Casino is very reputable and will always pay out what players redeem.

What Games Can I Play at Chumba Casino?

The game library at Chumba Casino isn’t that big. Most of the games are slots. There are currently only three other types of games offered at Chumba.

Can I Use PayPal at Chumba Casino?

Presently, Chumba Casino does not accept PayPal. However, there’s a chance it might in the future. A similar option that Chumba does accept is Skrill. This is another e-wallet like PayPal.

What is VGW Malta Limited?

This is the company that owns Chumba Casino. VGW has owned this brand since 2014. It’s actually the only casino that the company operates.

How Old Do I Need to Be to Play at Chumba Casino?

Regardless of your location in the USA or Canada, you need to be at least 18 years old to play at Chumba Casino. The casino is very strict about this.

If you’re trying to redeem Sweeps Coins, Chumba will need to verify your age and identity. There’s no way to cheat and get around this. Chumba requires official government ID or other official documents.

Is Chumba Casino Legal in Every US State?

Unfortunately, no. However, there’s only one US state that doesn’t allow Chumba Casino: Washington. Specifically, players in Washington state can still access this casino, but they cannot redeem any Sweeps Coins for cash prizes.

In every other US state, Chumba Casino is fully legal. That also includes Washington D.C.