Free Slots Online

Online slots are one of the most popular online gambling games in the world. There are lots of free slots options for US players to enjoy games without any risk. If you’re looking for free slots online, you’re in the right place!

Why are free slots so popular? Obviously, being free to play is part of it. Second, the latest internet slots are extremely fun! These games have totally revolutionized the world of free slot machines. Many of today’s most popular free slot machines have added tons of new elements to the traditional game. It’s easy to find free slots with bonus mini games, high quality graphics, and stunning animations. Player can still easily find more traditional free slots too if they want.

Additionally, there’s a lot of free online slot machines that let players win real money! You can play free casino slots without depositing any money and still win cash prizes. If that sounds too good to be true, let us assure you that it isn’t.

Play Free Slot Machine Games in Any US State

There are free slot machines to play online for US players in almost every state. A few US states have fully legal online gambling. They include New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and West Virginia. In these states, reputable and licensed online casinos offer free slot machine play.

Outside of these states, you still have options for free casino slots. You can play casino slots for free at sweepstakes casinos. Sweepstakes casinos are legal in almost every US state even if traditional casino gambling is outlawed. That’s because sweepstakes casinos fall under sweepstakes laws and are not seen as true gambling. However, players won’t notice a difference when playing free slot machines online. Additionally, players can still win cash prizes at sweepstakes casinos.

We cover all the legal free casino slots options for US players below.

Free Online Slots

Play Bally, IGT, Aristocrat and WMS Free Slots

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Free Spin Bonus Offers

Online casinos offer lots of great bonus offers and promotions to players. These bonuses are a way for casinos to compete with each other online. Almost every online casino with free slot machines will offer new players some free cash. Additionally, free spins are offered in certain circumstances. Overall, loyalty rewards programs will give regular players the best bonuses. You can find these at most online casinos.

Common Free Bonuses

  • No Deposit Bonus: This bonus gives new players free cash just for signing up at an online casino. Almost every casino site has this offer for new players. Usually, players get between $10 and $30. This money can be used to play casino games and free online casino slots right away. However, you need to meet a specific wagering requirement before you can withdraw that free bonus cash.
  • Free Spins Bonus: The concept here is similar to the no deposit bonus. However, instead of getting free cash, players get a set number of free spins. These can be used to play a few rounds of free casino slot games. Usually, casinos give between 10-20 free spins at a time. These bonuses also have specific wagering requirements before withdrawals are allowed.
  • Contests: Occasionally, online casinos run contests on social media. These are very common at sweepstakes casinos. These casinos will offer free coins or prize drawing tickets as contest prizes. Occasionally, free spins are offered too. Contests are free to enter. Usually, all you need to do to enter is share the contest or answer simple questions.

How Free Slot Games & Casino Bonuses Work

There are a few things to be aware of when using casino bonuses. Overall, every casino bonus you find will have terms and conditions. Specifically, these terms describe how the bonus works. Additionally, they explain restrictions and rules for use. We strongly recommend reading bonus terms and conditions whenever you’re thinking about accepting a casino bonus.

Key Points to be Aware of – Expiration Date & Wagering Requirements

Be aware of these key points when accepting a slot games free play bonus:

  • Expiration Date: Bonuses don’t last forever. Each one will have a time limit. Players must use the bonus within that period. Usually, these limits are about 30 days from the bonus activation date. However, they can be as short as a few hours. The time limit depends on the specific bonus you use.
  • Wagering Requirements: These are also called playthrough requirements. Overall, every casino bonus will have these requirements. Players need to wager a set amount to satisfy the requirement. This must be done before bonus cash can be withdrawn. Frequently, a wagering requirement only requires that players wager the equivalent bonus amount. Occasionally, the requirement is a multiplier like 5x or 10x. With multipliers, you need to wager an amount equal to the bonus cash times the multiplier.

Capped Winnings, Designated Games, Deposit Requirements & Jackpot Wins

  • Capped Winnings: Some casino bonuses place a cap on the amount that can be won using bonus cash. Ultimately, it depends on the type of bonus you use.
  • Designated Games: Occasionally, certain bonuses can only be used for specific games. Some will limit you to just one game type like slots. Others will be more specific and designate just a few specific slots titles.
  • Deposit Requirements: In some cases, players will need to deposit some of their own money to withdraw bonus winnings. If you don’t want to make a real deposit, then avoid these bonuses. Check the terms first to determine the deposit requirements.
  • Jackpot Wins: Progressive jackpots are common in slots games online. Occasionally, casino bonuses will not allow playing for progressive jackpots. You can find this information in the bonus terms and conditions.

We strongly recommend that you get in a habit of reading casino bonus terms. This can protect you as a player. Additionally, it can prevent nasty surprises down the road.

Free bonuses

Free Video Slots at Legal Online Casinos

In the USA, only a few states have active regulated online casinos. The biggest are New Jersey and Pennsylvania. NJ has allowed legal online casino gambling since 2013. Pennsylvania legalized the practice a bit later. PA online casinos have been legal since 2019.

To access legal online casinos in these states, you need to be inside state lines. Online casinos use geolocation tracking systems to roughly determine player locations. You do not need to be a resident to gamble online in either state.

Below we’ve listed a few popular online casinos in each state. These casinos have great free online slots with bonuses.

NJ Online Casinos with Free Slot Bonuses

  • Golden Nugget Casino: Create a new account and get $20 in free cash with code PLAY20. New players can also get a 100% deposit match on their first deposits up to $1500.
  • Tropicana Casino: New players can get $20 free when they use code PLAY20 upon signup. This casino also offers a $100 no-lose offer.
  • Virgin Casino: Virgin will give new players $30 for free with code 30BUCKS when they make brand new accounts. Players can also get up to $100 cash back on their first deposits.

PA Online Casinos with Free Slot Bonuses

  • Unibet Casino: Unibet will give new players $10 just for signing up with code UBCASINO10. New players can also get a first deposit match of 100% up to $500.
  • SugarHouse Casino: This casino does not have a free online video slots signup bonus. However, new players can get a $250 deposit match with a small wagering requirement.
  • Hollywood Casino: This casino offers $25 free to new players with code WELCOME. New players can also get a 100% first deposit match up to $500.

Free Slots at Sweepstakes Casinos

The beauty of sweepstakes casinos is that they’re legally available in almost every US state. Players can access free slots for fun almost anywhere in the USA!

Sweepstakes casinos are legal because they fall under sweepstakes laws. They are not seen as true casinos under this law. For players, there are no differences in actual gameplay. You can still play free slot machine games without downloading or registration just like you would at any casino. These sites are great for playing free slot casino games online for fun.

However, things are a bit different when you want to cash out for prizes. Sweepstakes casinos can’t charge money for a shot at cash winnings. They have a clever way to get around this and still offer cash prizes. Sweepstakes casinos use a dual currency system. One currency can only be used for gameplay. This one is usually called gold coins. The other can be used to get prizes. This is usually called sweeps coins. You can’t actually buy sweeps coins, but there are plenty of ways to earn them.

Chumba Casino and Luckyland Slots

Chumba Casino and LuckyLand Slots are two of the biggest legal US sweepstakes casinos where you can play casino slots for free online. Both of these sites have tons of free online slots for fun. In fact, free online slot machine games are the only games you’ll find at LuckyLand Slots. There you’ll find a wide range of free online slots games to play now.

Every time you play free online casino slot games at a sweepstakes casino, it’s seen as a mini sweepstakes contest. Additionally, these casinos are required to allow free play to all players. You will get a large amount of gold coins just for signing up. Usually, you get a few sweeps coins too. You can earn more sweeps coins as you play free slot games online at the sweepstakes casino.

Free slots at Sweepstakes casinos

Here are a few ways you can get sweeps coins:

  • Make a New Account: Sweepstakes casinos typically give you a few thousand gold coins for free when you make a new account. You can use these to play free online slot games. Usually, you will also get a handful of sweeps coins for free.
  • Mail a Letter: Sweepstakes casinos let you mail in a letter in order to get free sweeps coins in your account. You can find this info on the casino website. It’s totally free.
  • Social Media Contests: Frequently, sweepstakes casinos offer free social media contests. Entry is always free and easy. Usually, players just need to share the post or answer some basic questions. Contest rewards will give players some sweeps coins.
  • Buy Gold Coins: Players can buy gold coins at sweepstakes casinos because they are for entertainment purposes only. When you buy gold coins, you will get a set number of sweeps coins as a free gift.

Free Slot Games at Sweepstakes Casinos

Sweepstakes casinos are one of the best options for free casino slot machines. Despite being free, these sites still offer lots great games. Usually, they are not made by the major casino game developers. However, they are still reputable and of excellent quality.

Usually, you won’t find free casino slot machine games from IGT, Bally and Aristocrat at sweepstakes casinos. However, you will find some excellent imitations of top slots from these developers.

These are a few popular free slots games at sweepstakes casinos:

  • Kitty Glamour
  • Stampede Fury
  • Long Zhi Bao Lang
  • King of the Gods
  • Triple Double Golden Stars

Best Slots for Free Play Bonuses

Many online casinos give players lots of options to play with bonus cash or free spins. Ultimately, the choice of game is up to the player. Certain games will require that you gamble your own money (and risk losing it). Others are less risky and great for players who just want to clear the bonus requirements.

Specifically, you should check the volatility of the game you choose. If a game only gives rare but large payouts, it’s probably not a great choice. Conversely, games that offer smaller but more regular payouts are excellent. You can also check the games return-to-player (RTP) percentage. This is the average amount paid back to players over a set number of plays.

Here are a few good rules to follow when choosing a game for bonus play:

  • Avoid Big Jackpots: Slots games with massive jackpot potential might seem great, but they pay out less often. You might have a shot at a big win, but this is rare. Instead, look for slots with smaller payouts. These games will give more frequent wins.
  • Find Low Minimum Bets: Overall, lower stakes will make your bonus go farther for you. A higher minimum bet means that you have less total spins to hit a win. Lower minimums give you more chances to hit that win.
  • Check RTP Percentage: Every online slots game will have a place where you can find RTP info. Usually, you can find this on the info screen where the paytable and bonus rules are located. For slots, the best games typically give a 97% RTP percentage. The worst slots can give as low as 90% RTP.

Types of Free Slot Games

When slot machines came to the internet, the industry changed rapidly. Online play allowed for more variation and special features. There are also now thousands of free casino slot games for fun with more added daily. There have never been more choices for free slots players.

The traditional slot machine has just three reels and one payline. Newer video slots added up to five reels and a few more paylines. The classics still exist today, but their modern counterparts are more common.

Most slots today have multiple paylines. This is true even for basic three reel slots games. Additionally, many slots games have added wild and scatter symbols as well as bonus mini games.

Game developers are constantly innovating. New ideas are launched every day. The latest free slots are closer to video games than true slot machines. Today’s video slots can have five or more reels. Additionally, multiple paylines are common. Usually, video slots have between 9 and 30 paylines. However, some newer slots use an “all-ways” design. This allows for some crazy paylines and thousands of ways to win on a single spin.

Free slots games

Slots Innovations

These are some of the latest online slots innovations:

  • Wild Symbols: Wilds are a common concept in gambling and card games. If you get a wild, it can be whatever symbol you want (or need) it to be. Wilds can make or break your wins. You’ll find a ton of different types like sticky wilds, multiplier wilds, and expanding wilds.
  • Free Spin Bonuses: Within some online slots games, players can get mini bonuses. You can get these by lining up specific bonus symbols. When you get a free spin bonus, it can unlock even more additional features. Common free spin bonus features are added wilds, low paying symbols removed, additional reels, and mini games.
  • Picks Style Bonuses: These games of blind choice give players random chances to win prizes. Players will get to choose from a selection of blind options. Each one will give some type of prize.
  • Hold and Spin Bonuses: This bonus idea was create by Aristocrat Slots, a major game developer. In this bonus, some regular symbols get replaced with special jackpot symbols. Usually, you get three spins to get as many of those symbols as you can on the screen. Presently, most of the big slots developers have made their own version of this bonus.
  • Wheel Spin Bonuses: This bonus comes from older mechanical slots cabinets. Occasionally, you’ll get the option to spin a special wheel within the slots game. Spinning the wheel can award special jackpots, multipliers, free cash, bonus games, or additional wheel spins.


Are Free Online Slots Legal?

Fully legal online casinos are currently operating in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Other US states like Delaware and West Virginia are quickly catching up. Other states have yet to pass legislation legalizing online casinos. In these states, it’s legal to play slot machines online at licensed online casinos.

Outside of these states, players can legally play free slots at sweepstakes casinos. Sweepstakes casinos give the same gameplay experience as other casinos. However, their payout methods and currency are totally different. They fall under a different area of the law and are not considered true casinos. However, players can still play free slots and win real money.

Are Free Online Slots Fair?

Legal online casinos will never make games unfair to players. If they do, they risk losing their gaming licenses. All games at legal online casinos use random number generators to ensure fairness. These generators are certified by regulatory agencies and ensure a fair experience for all players.

You can check the odds of any online slots game by checking the RTP percentage. That’s the average amount the game will pay out to players over a set number of plays. The best games for players have a 97% RTP which means the house edge is 3%.

Can I Win Progressive Jackpots with Free Slots Bonuses?

Ultimately, this comes down to the casino you’re playing at. You can find this info in the bonus terms. Usually, online casinos do not allow bonus play for progressive jackpots. However, there are some that do.

Can I Play Free Slots Without Making an Account?

At most online casinos, the answer is yes. Many online casinos allow free slots in demo mode without an account. You don’t have to use real money to play and you don’t get to keep any winnings.

Are Classic Slots Games Available for Free?

Overall, the answer is yes. You can find a lot of classic slots games online. However, not all will allow free play. Specifically, it depends on the casino you’re using. You are likely to find classics from IGT, WMS and Bally at most online casinos. Some will allow free play in demo mode.

Can I Withdraw Winnings from Free Slots Bonuses?

Yes you can, but there are restrictions. The main thing you need to do is complete the wagering requirement. You’ll need to wager a set amount before you can withdraw any bonus winnings. Additionally, some casinos require a deposit of your own money before you can withdraw a bonus. This info is listed in the bonus terms and conditions.

Can I Play Free Slots Online?

At most online casinos, you will find plenty of free slots games. Almost every casino offers at least a few free slots. These games are perfect for practicing your skills and learning or testing out new slots games. In fact, there are tons of free slots to choose from online. Check out our list on this page for some of our top free slots casinos.

Where Can I Find the Best Free Slots Games?

You can find them right here on our website! We’ve done extensive research into all the online casinos we recommend. You can be confident that if we recommend an online casino, it is safe, fair and reputable. Browse our recommendations on this page to find the best free slots.

Can I Get a Bonus Playing Free Slots?

In general, there are no bonus offers for free slot games because you aren’t playing with real money. Casino bonuses are intended to give players extra cash for wagering or free spins – with free slots, none of this is necessary since you already play for free. To take advantage of bonuses, you need to play real money slots online.

Can I Play Free Online Slots on Mobile Devices?

Overall, you can play most free slot games on your mobile device. However, this really comes down to each individual casino site. Most of them do have great mobile websites and even mobile apps for Android and iOS. Check out our list of the best free slots casinos – we make sure to mention mobile gaming options.

Is it Easy to Switch from Free Slots to Real Money Slots?

In general, online casinos make it very easy to get started playing real money slot games. You will need to make a casino account, but that process is smooth and simple. Once your account is created, you need to add some funds to gamble with. That process is also very streamlined and simple. In many cases, you can even get a casino bonus with your first deposit! Once you have some funds, then you just need to pick a slots game to play.

What are the Best Free Online Slots Games?

It’s impossible to pick the absolute best free slots, but we’ve tried our best to narrow them down. We’ve put together a pretty extensive list of casinos with free slot games on this page – each casino we recommend offers some top slots titles from major game developers. You can’t go wrong if you choose from our list of the best free slot games.

What is the Best Free Online Casino?

In general, we can’t pick just one free online casino to be the best. We have a ton of favorites! They all offer free slot games. We’ve put together a list of them on this page to help you choose the best free online casino. We look at casino bonuses, game selection, payment methods, free slots options, and casino licensing when we do our free online casino reviews.