Funzpoints Casino Review

Funzpoints Casino

Funzpoints casino is a great sweepstakes casino for anyone who likes slots. Playing Funzpoints slots is fun, and you can win some great cash prizes. Funzpoints slots are available for free play or real money play. It just depends on which type of currency you play with – we’ll get into that more later.

Additionally, Funzpoints has an extremely high return-to-player (RTP) percentage of at least 96.5% on more than two dozen Funzpoints slots. Funzpoints casino also gives players a chance to win free points in hourly drawings. Every 3 hours, you can spin the Funzwheel for a chance at winning 10,000 points.

Funzpoints casino is a sweepstakes casino, which is how it gets around most gambling laws. There’s nothing illegal about how Funzpoints works. It really comes down to how payments and prizes are handled. Funzpoints casino offers free play options to all players. Additionally, you cannot buy the currency which you then redeem for prizes. You can get it in other ways that don’t require payment. Ultimately, every gaming event at Funzpoints is seen as a mini sweepstakes contest.

You need to be at least 18 years old in order to play at Funzpoints casino. No purchase is necessary to play Funzpoints slots. Once you make a new account, you’ll instantly get 1,000 Funzpoints in your account. Additionally, you’ll get a $2.50 site credit for future purchases. Funzpoints also offers a $20 deposit match once you make your first purchase.

Funzpoints casino also holds daily jackpot sweepstakes where players can win up to $350. There’s also no shortage of hourly and weekly contests at Funzpoints.

Funzpoints Free Money

Great Things About Funzpoints Casino:

  • Play slots for free
  • Win cash prizes
  • Tons of chances to win bonus contests
  • No deposit and deposit match bonuses 

Funzpoints Welcome Bonus Offer

Funzpoints gives new players a great selection of bonus offers. There are two areas of the Funzpoints site in which you can play. Each one has its own bonuses.

First, you have the Standard area. When you make a new account here, you automatically get 250 free spins (equivalent to $2.50).

Second, you have the Premium area. Here, you can play for real money. When you make an account, you’ll also get the same welcome bonus of 250 free spins. However, there are additional deposit match bonuses. Specifically, you’ll get a $20 deposit match offer once you make your first deposit.

Funzpoints Promo Code

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Do I Need a Funzpoints Promo Code?

To unlock exclusive Funzpoints casino welcome offers, there is no Funzpoints promo code. However, you do need to use our links below in order to get these offers:

  • $2.50 when you signup (250 free spins)
  • $20 deposit match once you make your first deposit

To get these offers, just use our link to access Funzpoints and create your new account.

How Does Funzpoints Casino Work?

Overall, Funzpoints Casino works just like other sweepstakes casinos. However, Funzpoints does offer some unique features. Because it’s a sweepstakes casino, there will always be a way to enter random drawings without making any purchases.

The key to how this all works is the dual currency system at Funzpoints. Most sweepstakes casinos have a system just like this. At Funzpoints Casino, you have Standard Funzpoints and Premium Funzpoints. Standard Funzpoints are for entertainment only and cannot be redeemed for prizes. However, you can buy these if you wish.

You can get Standard Funzpoints in a bunch of ways, and most of them are free. By spinning the Funzwheel every 3 hours you can get a couple of these. You can also get 1,000 free Standard Funzpoints by mailing a request to the casino. As we said, you can also buy packages of Standard Funzpoints. However, the casino gives players plenty of ways to get Standard Funzpoints and play games for free.

Premium Funzpoints cannot be bought outright. However, you will get free Premium Funzpoints along with your purchase of Standard Funzpoints. The amount of Premium Funzpoints you get is proportional to your purchase amount. You can also get some free Premium Funzpoints by mailing a request directly to Funzpoints Casino. You’ll get 500 free Premium Funzpoints (that’s $5) for every submission.

There’s also another unique aspect to Funzpoints: the daily jackpot. Every day, players have a chance to win prizes. To enter, you’ll need to earn tickets first. To do that, you simply need to play Funzpoints slots. As you win, you’ll accumulate tickets. You can earn tickets in both Standard and Premium modes.

There’s also the hourly prize wheel which can be spun every 3 hours. You can earn some more Funzpoints as well as tickets from winning here.

Funzpoints Casino Login & Signup

Funzpoints Casino Login

It’s very easy to create a new account at Funzpoints Casino. To create your new account and claim our exclusive welcome bonus, just follow these steps:

  1. Use our Funzpoints signup link to make sure you get the welcome bonus.
  2. Create your account by entering your details. You’ll need to provide an active email address and a password.
  3. Verify your account via email. You’ll need to click on a link within an email sent to the address you provided,
  4. Once verified, login to your new account and select Standard or Premium.
  5. At this point, you’ll get the $2.50 bonus of 250 free spins.
  6. After that, you can play games or make a deposit.
  7. If you make a deposit, you can then claim the $20 deposit bonus too.

Funzpoints Promos & Rewards

Every new player at Funzpoints Casino will get 1,000 free Standard Funzpoints just for signing up. Additionally, you can spin the Funzwheel every 3 hours for a chance to win more points! You can win anywhere from 1,000 to 10,000 Standard Funzpoints.

Funzpoints Holiday Bonuses

Funzpoints likes to celebrate any occasion. The casino will offer special bonuses during various holidays throughout the year. Usually, the Funzpoints holiday bonus is a 3x multiplier on all Premium Funzpoints gained through purchasing Standard Funzpoints.

Funzpoints Casino Daily Jackpot

Every day, Funzpoints Casino gives players a shot at winning a share of a $350 prize pot. The prizes are all real money cash prizes. Usually, 40 players win per day. The pool is split between those players like this:

  • Five $20 prizes
  • Fifteen $10 prizes
  • Twenty $5 prizes

To enter the daily jackpot drawing, you need tickets. There are a few ways you can get them:

  • Play games in Standard or Premium mode
  • Spin the Funzwheel
  • Special bonuses on the Funzpoints Facebook page

Funzpoints Casino Rewards

This is another thing that sets Funzpoints Casino apart from the other sweepstakes casinos. The casino gives players a few ways to get some extra value from their games:

  • Boosters
  • Funzone
  • Mystery Gift Prizes

Boosters are random events that occur during gameplay. They’re basically mini games that give you the chance to win extra Funzpoints. In Standard mode, only a few boosters are available. However, in Premium mode you’ll have access to every booster at Funzpoints Casino.

The Funzone is another mini game type of event. When you level up, you get a shot at the Funzone. There, you can win even more Funzpoints.

The Funzpoints Mystery Gift is sort of like a loyalty program. As you play more Funzpoints slots games, the system will randomly deposit extra Funzpoints into your account.

Funzpoints App

Funzpoints App

Unfortunately, there is no Funzpoints app available right now. However, players can still access the casino from mobile devices. The Funzpoints Casino website is optimized for mobile devices, meaning it will respond to device screens. The playing experience on mobile devices is just as smooth as it is on desktop computers. You can access the Funzpoints mobile site from any iPhone or Android web browsers.

That means you can play Funzpoints slots wherever you are. You can also make purchases and redeem for prizes.

Funzpoints Casino Games

Because Funzpoints is a sweepstakes casino, there is always a way to play for free. No purchases are necessary to enjoy Funzpoints slots. You can choose to play in Standard mode for free, or Premium mode for real money. You can switch at any time.

These are the important differences between Standard and Premium mode.


  • Play Funzpoints slots for free
  • Games payout Standard Funzpoints
  • Game selection is limited
  • Not all boosters are available
  • You’ll get some popup ads
  • You can only win real money via daily jackpots


  • Games payout Premium Funzpoints (redeemable for cash)
  • You have access to every single Funzpoints slots game
  • There are no ads
  • All booster mini games are unlocked
  • You can still win cash in the daily jackpot

Regardless of which mode you choose, you’ll have access to exclusive Funzpoints slots titles. Funzpoints uses all its own unique games which are built in-house. Each one has a return-to-player percentage of at least 96.5% which is quite good. In Premium mode, you can win up to $5,000 on any single bet. 

Funzpoints Slots

Funzpoints Casino develops all its own games. The casino mainly offers slots. Presently, there are 23 Funzpoints slots available. Usually, the casino releases 1-2 new slots per month. Additionally, Funzpoints Casino has one Keno game.

Some of the most popular Funzpoints slots include Buffalo Plains, Safari Thunder, and Criminal Cash. You won’t find these slots anywhere else. They are totally unique, but they will feel familiar to experience slots players.

When you play in Standard mode, you’ll have access to these games right away:

  • Enchantress Luna
  • The Java Cafe
  • Voyage Of The Vikings
  • Kongo’s Adventure
  • Bonbon Bash
  • Paintball Keno

To unlock all the other Funzpoints slots, you need to make a purchase. You’ll need to make a purchase of at least $4.99. Once you do, you’ll instantly become a VIP player with Premium access. That means you can play every single Funzpoints slots game.

Is Funzpoints Casino Legal?

Because Funzpoints is a sweepstakes casino, it falls under lottery and sweepstakes laws in the USA. It is not subject to the same laws as traditional casinos. That means Funzpoints is legal in almost all US states. The one exception is Washington state. 

Outside of Washington, Funzpoints Casino is fully legal in the USA. As long as you’re over the age of 18, you can legally play games there from any state.

Funzpoints is a reputable casino. It even offers some responsible gaming features just like the real casinos.

For example, you can set deposit limits for yourself. You can set these up as daily, weekly, or monthly limits. You can choose a set amount from a list, or set your own custom limits. Additionally, you can self-exclude yourself for a set period of time. You can choose to exclude for just one day, one week, or even one month.

Funzpoints casino is fully legal in USA

Funzpoints Deposits & Withdrawals

The great thing about Funzpoints Casino is that anyone over 18 can play for free. If you don’t want to spend any money, you can still play Funzpoints slots. You can still earn some prizes too thanks to daily contests.

However, for players looking to earn some real cash prizes, the best choice is Premium mode. Here, you’ll need to pay to play. The first step is to make a deposit into your account.

The minimum deposit amount is $4.99. You can make deposits using common credit and debit cards as well as prepaid cards. When you’re ready to withdraw your winnings, there are some limits to be aware of. The minimum withdrawal is $20, while the maximum is $2,000. Usually, you’ll have your winnings within 24 hours.

Here’s how Funzpoints deposits are broken down into Standard and Premium Funzpoints:

  • $4.99 = 1,000 standard funzpoints plus 500 premium funzpoints
  • $9.99 = 2,000 standard funzpoints plus 1,000 premium funzpoints
  • $19.99 = 4,000 standard funzpoints plus 2,000 premium funzpoints
  • $49.99 = 10,000 standard funzpoints plus 5,000 premium funzpoints
  • $99.99 = 20,000 standard funzpoints plus 10,000 premium funzpoints

Funzpoints Casino FAQ

Is Funzpoints Legal in the USA?

Overall, the answer is yes. That’s because Funzpoints is a sweepstakes casino. It falls under US lottery and sweepstakes laws. It’s not seen as true gambling. Instead, every game event is seen as a mini sweepstakes contest. That means Funzpoints can operate in almost all US states. The only one where it’s prohibited is Washington.

Will Funzpoints Payout if I Win?

Absolutely. Just because it’s a sweepstakes casino does not mean that Funzpoints isn’t reputable. In fact, it’s just as safe as traditional online casinos. You can safely use most major payment methods to deposit and withdraw cash. Funzpoints works with leading payment processors which would not work with the casino if it was illegitimate.

Does Funzpoints Offer Live Dealer Games?

No. Funzpoints really only offers slots games. Additionally, there is one Keno game, but no table games.

Does Funzpoints Accept PayPal?

Presently, the answer is no. However, you can make fast and secure payments using a credit or debit card via Paysafe.

Could Funzpoints Be Banned in the Future?

It’s highly unlikely that Funzpoints will be banned in any US states. For a state to do this, it would have to completely rewrite its sweepstakes laws. That’s a long and annoying process. First, the state would need to consult with any businesses that use sweepstakes as promotional tools. It’s likely that a state would get lots of pushback from these businesses. At a minimum, the process would be very slow.

Sweepstakes casinos have been around since 2016. In that time, there has been no legal action against them except for Washington state. However, in the case of Washington, it wasn’t so much a legal dispute as it was a clarification of existing laws.

Are Funzpoints Games Fair?

Overall, yes they are. However, Funzpoints is still casino, so there is a slight house edge. That said, Funzpoints Casino does have an excellent return-to-player percentage. Most of its games have a 96.5% RTP which is quite high. It’s actually higher than most games at traditional casinos.