Live Dealer Casinos Online USA

Live Dealer Casinos Online

Live dealer casinos online bring the best parts of in-person casino gambling to online gambling. Online live casinos will offer select table games with real dealers. These dealers control every game and deal cards live from a remote location. They are usually located at the online casino’s land-based partner casino. Gamblers who join will immediately see a live video stream. They will see the video throughout the game. Additionally, they have the option to chat live with the online card dealer.

Overall, there are tons of live casino online USA gaming options. The most popular online live games include roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and of course poker. We have plenty of live dealer casino reviews. Some of the best live casino sign up offers are also covered in our live online casino reviews. We make sure to coverall the top live casino websites for live online gambling USA.

Live Casino Online USA

New Jersey is a popular legal online gambling state. Players must be located inside the state’s borders to gamble online. New Jersey online casinos frequently offer real money live online gaming. These sites will also have the best live casino offers for NJ gamblers.

Pennsylvania is another big state in the world of US online gambling. Pennsylvania has lots of online casinos with live dealers. The online gambling industry in PA is a bit younger than neighboring NJ. As a result, you can expect more PA live dealer online casinos to launch shortly.

PA has similar rules to NJ in terms of who can play. Players need to be 21+ and specifically located within Pennsylvania state lines. Pennsylvania might be a more attractive option to tri-state area gamblers. The state actually has a lower table game tax rate compared to NJ. Both states offer live online casino real money play.

Best Live Dealer Casinos List

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What is a Live Casino?

What is a Live Casino?

Live dealer casinos bring a little bit of the live gambling experience to online gamblers. You can usually access live dealer casinos online from any device. Desktop and laptop computers, tablets, and mobile phones all support them. This experience is as close as you can get to in-person gambling while online. The best part is, there are quite a few live dealer online casinos US players can access legally.

At top live dealer sites, you can choose from a selection of table games with a real live dealer. Games are played just like they are at physical casinos. The live dealer controls the flow of the game and deals cards. The difference is that the live dealer is located in a studio far away from the player. Usually, these studios are housed inside an online casino’s land-based partner.

From these remote studio locations, dealers are streamed to player devices. The online casino live stream instantly gives gamblers a real-time view of the live dealer and the game. You can see everything the live dealer is doing as it happens. You’ll immediately see every card the live dealer turns.

The Personal Interaction of Live Gaming

This interaction with a real live dealer makes online gambling more social. Most online live casino USA sites even let you chat live with dealers during games. This adds a personal element to the usually impersonal world of online gaming.

Don’t worry about interacting with dealers, they cannot see you. You aren’t required to communicate back to the live dealer. You also don’t need a webcam or any of your own video streaming gear. Live games don’t support live video streams back to the live dealer.

The best part of top live dealer games is that they combine real dealers with all the perks of online gambling. That means you can still play with casino bonuses and live casino bonus cash. You can also take advantage of any promotions offered by the live casino websites. However, most casinos don’t offer a live dealer casino no deposit bonus.

Live Casino Games vs Traditional Games

Live Casino Games

We already explained most of the reasons why gamblers might prefer online gambling live dealers. First of all, you get to watch a real live dealer run the game and deal cards. This is usually more exciting for the player because you’re right in the middle of the action. Additionally, it adds a social interactive element to online casino gambling. Overall, this is as close as you can get to the real thing while online.

Traditional online casino games are completely digital. There is no casino live dealer. The “dealer” is really just a piece of software that controls the game. This software usually takes the form of a random number generator (RNG). To be used at a legal casino, these generators must be explicitly certified by official organizations. That helps make sure that games are fair for all participants.

Pros & Cons of Live Dealer Casino Gambling

These are the basic advantages and disadvantages of casino live dealer games.


  • Closer to the real casino experience
  • More social gaming experience
  • Realistic gameplay like in a real casino
  • Games use the latest software
  • Players can still use bonuses


  • Games load a bit slower
  • Dealer controls the pace of the game
  • Less games to choose from
  • Not as many live sites
  • Fewer bonus options

Live Dealer Casino Game Types

Live Casino Game Types: Live Blackjack, Live Roulette, Live Baccarat and Live Casino Hold Em.

Ultimately, the number of game play options you have access to depends on the casino. Some casinos specialize in live dealer casino gambling. These casinos usually give gamblers lots of live options. However, most casino websites don’t have a lot of live gaming options. Usually, you’ll find just the basic table games.

Every site will have different casino live dealer games and different rules. Be sure to familiarize yourself with a casino’s rules before playing. There are only a few casino game developers who specialize in top live dealer games. Evolution Gaming is one of the biggest names in the industry.

Keep in mind that, because live dealer casino games require a real person, these games are only available occasionally. Live gambling sites usually have specific hours where live games are offered. Additionally, be aware that the house edge on live dealer games is usually higher than on traditional casino games.

Live Roulette

Live roulette continues to grow in popularity. Unfortunately, this live version of roulette does not let gamblers get hands-on. However, the online live dealer will have a real roulette wheel. This is a great way to play online roulette. You get to watch the wheel spin and instantly see the result. It’s the closest you can get to real casino roulette experience while online.

Roulette live is popular because it’s usually easy to learn. Players seek to place bets on numbers where they believe the roulette ball will land after a spin. In live dealer roulette, players place their bets first. Then, the live dealer spins the wheel. You watch via live streamed video as the wheel spins and stops. You see everything in live dealer roulette immediately as it happens. The online live dealer then updates gameplay and resets bets after each round.

Live Baccarat

Live baccarat is a little bit less popular than other live dealer casino games. However, most live dealer casino sites still let you play this game. It’s actually grown in popularity since gambling moved online.

Live dealer baccarat is usually played with a real felt card table. The difference is that the table and the dealer are being live streamed directly to your device via the internet. The dealer still uses physical cards to play the game.

Live dealer baccarat is usually played with six to eight decks in a single shoe. Every site will have different house rules. Be sure to check these rules before you start playing live baccarat.

Live Blackjack

Live dealer blackjack is a fun gaming experience. Games are controlled by human dealers. Games are streamed live over the internet. Whenever something happens, you see it immediately. You are part of the action at every step. Additionally, you get to watch every hand be dealt.

The only drawback to live dealer blackjack is that it’s usually a bit slower than digital blackjack games. That said, it moves about the same pace as blackjack on a real casino floor. You’ll need to watch and wait as cards are given to each player. You’ll also get all the suspense that comes with waiting for the next card to be revealed.

Everything is streamed to player computers. That makes live blackjack much more interactive. Live dealer casino websites usually let players chat with dealers during gameplay. This makes for a more social gaming experience.

Live Casino Hold Em

Online poker is probably the most popular live game to play. In the live version, known as Casino Hold Em, everyone at the table will play against the dealer only. You can’t actually bet against other gamblers in online poker live games like Casino Hold Em. All you need to do is beat the dealer’s hand to win the pot in poker live.

This can make winning a Casino Hold Em hand a bit easier. There is only one other player to worry about. You just need to get the best five card Casino Hold Em hand. Eligible hands are exactly the same as traditional Texas Hold Em poker. For any gamblers familiar with typical Texas Hold Em, the live version will feel almost the same.

Playing at Live Dealer Online Casinos

Live Dealer Online Casinos US Players

Gamblers can usually access these sites from any device. Most desktop and laptop computers, tablets, and smartphones will work. Best of all, there are quite a few live dealer online casinos US players can legally access.

Just keep in mind that these games at mobile casinos might run slower. You need to make sure your connection is very good to support the video stream. Otherwise, you’ll experience lag and a jumpy video feed.

For this reason, live mobile casinos usually limit the quality of graphics and animations in their apps. Everything gets a bit stripped down to allow for faster load times. Overall, you’ll probably have a better live gambling experience on a desktop or laptop computer with a strong connection.

Mobile Casinos

Most casino sites offer mobile gaming options. As we said, these do come with a few drawbacks. Mobile live gaming speeds can be significantly slower. You’ll need to be patient if your connection is not strong.

However, live casino games are optimized for mobile play. These games are designed to provide the fastest load times possible on mobile. Just be aware of your data usage and use Wi-Fi if possible. Also be aware of the Wi-Fi network you are on. Some networks are not secure and can expose your personal info to hackers.

Follow these steps to download casino mobile apps for your device:

  • Android: Google has unfortunately banned all gambling apps from the Google Play Store. However, you can still get a casino app on your Android device. You will need to download the app directly from the casino website. Make sure to allow all permissions when prompted.
  • iOS: Apple device users can usually download casino mobile apps right from the Apple App Store. Apple has not banned any casino apps. Presently, all iPhone models and all generations of the iPad are compatible with live dealer games.

What Are Live Casino Games?

There are a lot of reasons that players might prefer live gambling over more traditional online gambling. The biggest reason is the gameplay experience. With these games, you’re instantly apart of the action. With fully digital games, you’re just watching a computer play the game.

Live dealer games bring you real dealers wherever you are. That is, as long as you’re in a state with legal online real money betting. You get to watch every move the dealer makes. You can instantly see every card dealt as it happens.

However, traditional real money internet gambling has some advantages too. There are pros and cons to both types of real money games. We’ll break down all the important differences below.

Live Dealer Games Have Human Dealers

This is the most obvious difference. It’s a big advantage when you play live dealer games. Having a live dealer makes the online gaming experience feel more like a real casino experience.

A live dealer game also makes the real money gaming experience more transparent for the player. You get to instantly see cards dealt out. Via an online video stream, you see every action in play immediately as it happens. That means you get to keep an eye on the dealer and make sure everything in play is done correctly.

Dealers are also able to communicate with players. Casinos usually give you the option to live chat with the dealer. This can make the online real money gaming experience feel much more social.

Live Casino Games Have Higher Table Limits

This is another thing that makes the gaming experience feel more authentic. It’s designed to mimic what you’ll find at real casinos in Las Vegas or Atlantic City.

Most real money games have a minimum bet limit of $1. This is great for first time players or casual gamblers. However, playing live dealer games usually comes with a higher minimum bet limit. Live dealer betting minimums are usually $5 or more.

If you’re a higher roller or experienced gambler, top live dealer casino games are a great option. You have the freedom to play for as much real money as you want. You could theoretically win thousands of dollars in one hand. Some table games occasionally pay out six figure sums. You’ll have a hard time finding stakes like this in traditional real money games.

Live Dealer Casinos Aren’t Always Open

This is a drawback when you play live dealer games. Since dealers are truly live, they are usually only online during set hours. All live dealer games set their own hours.

A few of the best live casinos will have their dealers frequently change shifts. This helps extend play time, but most games are not offered 24/7. It helps to keep track of these hours if you find something you like.

Traditional online games have an advantage here because they are available all the time.

Fewer Live Dealer Games to Choose From

The beauty of online casinos is that they frequently offer hundreds, even thousands of real money games. Online casinos are not limited by the space on the gaming floor. They can theoretically host as many real money games as their servers will allow.

Most online casinos will offer a bunch of versions of popular table games. You’ll find roulette options like European roulette, American roulette, and French roulette at many online casinos. Blackjack options also abound. You usually have lots of choices when it comes to traditional all-digital casino games.

Unfortunately, there are almost always less live dealer casino games to choose from. These games require more resources to run. They need studio space, video streaming, and real dealers to run games. Most sites usually only offer a handful of live dealer games.

For more traditional gamblers, this probably won’t be a problem. The standard versions of classic games are frequently offered. Gamblers who are used to the variety of traditional web-based casino games might feel limited.

Live Dealer Casinos – The Differences

That sums up the biggest differences between live gambling and traditional all-digital online gambling. Let’s recap the differences below.

Play all-digital casino games if:

  • You would like to play hundreds of hands an hour.
  • You want the lowest minimum bet.
  • When you play with yourself, you don’t mind.

Play live dealer casino games if:

  • You want a more realistic gameplay experience.
  • When you are playing you like to be social.
  • You like higher minimum bets.
  • You want to play for bigger hands.
Live casino players have a more realistic gameplay experience

Live Dealer Online Casino vs Land-Based Casino

Live casino games try to take the physical casino experience and bring it online. In a lot of ways, they succeed. These games do make the online gaming experience more interactive. However, there are some things that are impossible to bring to online gaming. Let’s compare the best live casinos with traditional land-based casinos.

Live Dealer Online Casinos Offer Better Bonuses

It’s true that some land-based casinos do offer promotions. In most cases, gamblers have access to rewards or comp programs. These programs usually reward regular players with free food, drinks, hotel rooms, and event tickets.

These are great incentives, but things usually work a bit differently online. Live dealer online casinos are actually able to offer better casino bonuses. However, most don’t offer a live dealer no deposit bonus. The deposit bonus is the most popular. These are some of the most common live dealer game bonus offers:

  • Deposit Bonus: Just like it sounds, the casino will match your deposit up to a certain amount with this bonus. Usually, this bonus is only given on your first deposit. Let’s say you deposit $1000 and the casino gives you a 100% match up to $500. You then end up with $1500 total to wager.
  • Free Plays / Free Spins: This bonus gives you free spins which you can use for free gaming. Typically, you don’t get more than one or two free spins or bets with this bonus. You can use this bonus to play a round risk-free.
  • VIP / High Roller Bonus: This bonus is somewhat similar to the comp programs at land-based casinos. It’s only offered to the most active gamblers at online casinos. Those gamblers making large deposits will get this bonus easily. The VIP bonus gives special perks that usually have higher values than other bonuses.

Live Dealer Casinos Are Portable

It might seem silly to say it, but you can take a live casino with you! That is, as long as you remain in the state where it’s legal.

This gives gamblers more freedom to play wherever they want, whenever they want. This is a major advantage of online casinos in general. They let you take the casino gambling experience with you outside of the land-based casino. Then you’re free to gamble whenever you want.

Live Games Have Smaller Limits

Compared to land-based casino games, live table casino games online usually have smaller limits. Land-based casinos frequently charge at least $10 for a minimum bet on blackjack. This can fluctuate based on events like the Super Bowl. You should expect the minimum bet at a land-based casino to increase without warning.

Live gaming will have smaller limits. Usually, a live play minimum bet is just $5. The other great thing about live dealer online casino games is that limits won’t increase based on higher traffic.

Live Casinos Online Have More Tables

Online betting sites are not limited by physical floor space. That means they can offer more games. This is true for live games too. You will usually never find online casinos live with full tables. If you do, log out and back in or try another site. You’ll always be able to find room in live games online.

Land-based casinos are much more limited by table space. If a table is full, you’re stuck waiting.

Live Dealer Casinos Save You Money

You might not be aware of this. Live dealer gambling will cost you less money in the long run. Here are a few reasons why:

  • You don’t need to travel or make sleeping arrangements.
  • At restaurants or bars, you won’t spend money.
  • You won’t have to tip anyone.

Most land-based casinos charge a premium for basic services. Food and drinks can be expensive. Parking is usually costly. This is especially true in tourist-heavy areas like Las Vegas. Everyone there is looking to make money off of visiting gamblers. Save money and play at an online casino instead.

Live Casinos Let You Chat Live with Dealers

This is where the social element of live dealer casino games comes in. Live casinos usually give gamblers the option to chat live with the dealer during play. Additionally, some live casinos let players chat with each other. If you don’t want to chat, you can simply turn this off.

This can actually make things a bit smoother. Imagine you’re at a land-based casino and another player is annoying you. Your best option is to either ignore it or confront the player. At an online casino, you don’t have to deal with it. Simply turn off your chat and you’ll be left alone.

Live Dealer Online Casino vs Land-Based Casino – The Differences

Those are the main differences between online live gambling sites and more traditional land-based casinos. These are the main points to keep in mind:

Choose land-based casinos if:

  • You want to take a vacation.
  • There are some shows you want to see.
  • You want to get comped drinks and food.
  • You’ve got a bigger budget.

Choose live online casinos if:

  • You don’t want to travel.
  • You want to save some money.
  • On your terms, you want to socialise.
  • You want more promotions.
  • You don’t want to wait for open tables.
There are a few differences between Land-based and Online casino's

Best Live Dealer Casinos FAQ

What are Live Casinos?

A live casino is a type of online betting site that offers live games. Live dealer games have actual human dealers controlling gameplay. They are streamed live over the internet to player devices. You can watch everything happen in real time. Usually, you can even chat live with the dealer. This makes for a more authentic gambling experience.

How are Live Games Different from Traditional Games?

The main difference between live dealer casino games and traditional casino games online is the live element. With a real live casino, a real human dealer controls play and deals cards. Everything is streamed as it happens to player devices. You’ll instantly see everything during gameplay.

Traditional web-based casino games are completely digital. There are no humans on the other end controlling play. Usually, a random number generator controls the game’s outcome. Games will move faster, but you lose the social element of live dealer casino games.

Are Live Casino Games Fair?

In fact, live casinos give gamblers some of the fairest gameplay available. You get to watch every move and every card that is dealt. Additionally, you instantly see the results as they happen. There is no reason to worry about rigging at live casino tables. Any regulated site will lose its license if it engages in unfair practices.

Can Players Cheat at Live Dealer Games?

In theory anything is possible, but it’s very difficult. Card counting might be possible, but it’s usually similar to land-based casino play. It’s still very difficult to do successfully.

Dealers are on camera the entire time. Everything they do, players will see immediately. That makes it nearly impossible for dealers to cheat. Dealers also regularly use shoes with multiple decks in each. Cards are shuffled frequently when shoes are not used. These practices make card counting nearly impossible.

If you’re worried, look for a live casino’s license and accreditation. If a US online casino has an official license in a legal state, they won’t do anything to risk loosing it. These licenses can occasionally cost up to $10 million each.

Which States Have Legal Live Dealer Online Casinos?

In the United States, only three states allow legal online casino gambling. They are New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

You’ll find lots of live dealer games in New Jersey. The first NJ casino to launch a live dealer game was the Golden Nugget in 2016. Many more followed shortly after. You now have more options than ever for NJ live casino gambling.

Pennsylvania is another major internet gambling market. The scene is a bit younger in PA, only having launched in 2019. As a result, it’s likely that more new casinos will launch soon. PA options are limited right now, but more are definitely coming.

Can I Play Live Casino Games for Free?

This is the best live USA site for free play.

In general, live casino online free games are uncommon. However, there is one good option out there for gamblers in any US state. It’s the Cleebo Casino based in Las Vegas. This site offers free live casino games. Current free live games include blackjack, baccarat, and roulette. This is the best live dealer casino USA site for free play.

Are There US Live Casino Sites?

Yes there are! In general, you’re limited to just the legal US internet gambling states. They include New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

Of these, only New Jersey and Pennsylvania presently offer American live casino games.

Can I Count Cards in Live Blackjack?

In theory it’s possible to count cards in live blackjack games. However, it isn’t easy. It’s also frowned upon and takes the fun out of the game.

Casinos know that gamblers might occasionally count cards in live dealer games. They include specific language in their terms and conditions that prohibits the practice. If you’re caught, you could lose all your winnings and be explicitly banned from the casino for life.

Can I Chat with Dealers?

Yes you can! This is one of the great advantages of live play. Dealers are usually very social and will chat with you as soon as you enter the game. You can reply by typing in your chat window. Some live dealer games also let you chat with other gamblers. If you don’t want to chat, you can simply turn this feature off.

What if I Lose the Livestream?

If the connection is lost during live dealer games and you’re kicked out, all is not lost. Gambling sites know that this can happen occasionally. If the connection issue is the fault of the casino, then you will be reimbursed for any lost wagers. Be sure to check the terms and conditions to verify this.

If the connection issue is due to your own technology or connection, that’s on you. Your hand will play without you there. If you lose, you still lose your wagered money. The good news is that if you win, the casino will attribute the winnings to your account.

What if the Live Game Stream Lags?

If the video feed is jumpy or low quality, try to significantly improve your connection. You should try these steps:

  • Reduce the quality of the stream (HD runs the heaviest).
  • Turn the video stream off.
  • Move to a location with better Wi-Fi.
  • Use a wired ethernet connection.
  • Turn off other connected devices on your network.
  • Upgrade to a faster internet package.

Can I Play Live Casino Games in Demo Mode?

Ultimately, this comes down to each casino. Overall, this is not common practice. The best live dealer casinos don’t usually allow free plays or demo plays. However, most do let participants simply watch the action without playing.

Do Live Dealer Casinos Use Random Number Generators?

Live dealer games don’t need random number generators! At the best live dealer casinos online, the generator is replaced with a live dealer. The dealer, or a special machine, will shuffle all cards. The dealer will then deal every hand. Participants see everything immediately as it happens via a live video stream.

Are Live Dealer Casinos Safe & Secure?

If a live dealer casino in the US was not safe to play at, it would be shut down immediately. Legal US online casinos in states like NJ and PA are held to high standards. These casinos are licensed by official government organizations. If any wrongdoing is detected, the casino will lose its license. It’s very unlikely that an established casino would risk losing its license. Casino licenses can cost up to $10 million depending on the state.

What is the Best Online Live Casino?

Best Casino

It’s tough to give just one answer to this question. It really depends on the player. Your first consideration should be types of live dealer games available. You should also think about these points:

  • What is the deposit limit?
  • What is the cashout limit?
  • Check the casino reputation.
  • Check the typical withdrawal timetable.

Can I Play Live Games with a Poor Internet Connection?

You can certainly try! However, your playing experience will likely not be good. Live games require fast connections to support video streaming. You can disable the stream, but then you lose the live experience. If you’re able to stream video from popular sites like YouTube and Netflix, then your connection should be enough to support live games.

How Long Do I Have to Make Bets in Live Games?

It’s up to each casino to set its own time limits. Time limits are a standard practice to ensure that games keep moving. A live bet time limit is usually 30 seconds. This is usually more than enough time to make betting decisions. That said, you should be paying attention and planning your bets throughout gameplay.

Can Dealers or Other Players See Me During Live Games?

No. No one can see you when you play a live game. Everyone can see the dealer, but the dealer can’t see the players. Players also can’t see each other. However, games will announce when players enter or leave. Players can also chat with the dealer and with each other, but this can be disabled.

How Do I Choose a Live Dealer Table?

It comes down to your personal preference. Here are a few things to check when making your choice:

  • Pick the game and variant you want to play.
  • Choose the stakes you want to play for.
  • Pick your preferred language.
  • Choose a dealer (if options are available).

Is There Live Dealer Etiquette?

Overall, there is no official live game play etiquette. However, we recommend that you treat dealers just like you would at a physical casino.

  • Give your dealers respect and courtesy.
  • Give other players respect and courtesy.
  • Pay attention to every turn.
  • Don’t leave you computer.

Where Are Live Dealer Casinos Streamed From?

The dealers you see can be located anywhere in the world. Usually, they are employed by game developers and not casinos. That means dealers might be on the other side of the world. Casinos also frequently use their own dealers. In these cases, dealers are usually located in a studio at a brick-and-mortar casino. This is often the case for US online casinos because they must partner with land-based casinos.

Do I Need a Special Live Gambling Account?

No. You can use the same account to play live and traditional online casino games.