Mobile Casinos & Casino Apps

Mobile online casinos are are the forefront of the online gambling world. As a result, the mobile casino is one of the most popular gambling platforms available. However, it wasn’t always like this.

Not too long ago, gamblers could only gamble online via desktop computers or laptops. Games like blackjack, slots, poker and roulette have only recently been made available for mobile real money gambling.

Before that, gamblers had to go to physical casinos. Now, gamblers have more playing options than ever before.

Everyone is so busy today. Consequently, people don’t have time to visit casinos. That’s where the mobile casino comes in. You can play while commuting. While waiting around, you can play. You can even play at the beach if you want.

However, it’s just as easy to play at a mobile casino while at home. You can play while you’re in bed. You can play while you’re waiting for food to cook. Plus, connecting to your home Wi-Fi will give you faster speeds when playing at a mobile casino.

Additionally, you can earn some great loyalty rewards at most mobile online casinos. The more you play, the more perks and free stuff you get.

With you mobile phone you can play casino games when you want

Best Real Money Casino Apps

In the mobile casino guide below, there are several content sections. Each section covers a different crucial part of the mobile casino gaming process. We’ll cover how to download casino apps, devices you can use, mobile casino bonuses and offers, and more.

These are the main parts of this mobile casino guide:

  • How to Access a Mobile Casino
  • Which Devices Support Mobile Online Casinos
  • Downloading Casino Apps
  • Playing in Casino Apps vs Web Browser
  • Mobile Casino Security
  • Mobile Casino Bonuses

How to Access a Mobile Casino App

The first step to playing at a mobile casino is to pick a casino. There are currently legal online casinos in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Players in these states can gamble at mobile casinos for real money. Outside of these states, players can legally access sweepstakes casinos. These work a bit differently but still offer all the classic casino games.

Next, you need to pick how you want to play. Specifically, you need to decide if you want to download the mobile casino app or use a web browser. Both options are good, but apps are usually a bit better. Next, we’ll explain why.

Mobile casino websites are responsive so they adapt to any mobile device. They give players a smooth gaming experience. They also offer the widest range of gaming options. However, mobile casino websites usually load a bit slower.

A mobile casino games app is a bit more streamlined and will load faster. However, it might have more limited game choices. Usually, mobile casino apps don’t offer all the games that the browser-based casino does. A mobile casino app also takes up a bit of space on your device’s hard drive.

Online Gambling Apps for iPhone and iPad

Apple makes it easy for users to download mobile casino apps. You can get most of them right from the Apple App Store. You can download them right from your Apple devices.

If you’re on a mobile casino website, there is usually a direct link to download apps. However, you can also easily search within the app store itself.

Almost every single legal US online casino has a mobile casino app. Apple devices are extremely popular. Mobile online casinos know this. Consequently, they put a lot of effort in their iOS apps.

Once you download an iOS gambling app, you need to create an account. It’s easy to do this right from the app. You’ll be prompted to sign in or create a new account as soon as you launch the app.

Online Gambling Apps for Android

Android devices are also popular. Google is in control of Android’s main app store. It’s called the Google Play Store. Unfortunately, Google has banned all gambling apps from the Google Play Store.

However, don’t think that means Android users can’t download mobile casino apps! Android users can still get casino apps, but the process has extra steps.

Here’s how to download casino apps on Android:

  1. Go to the mobile casino website on your Android device.
  2. Click or tap the Android app download link.
  3. You will see a security warning on your device when you try to download the app. Don’t worry – as long as you’re at a legal casino website, you’re safe.
  4. When prompted, you need to allow apps from unknown sources.
  5. Once you allow this, your app will begin downloading.
  6. Once downloaded, launch the mobile casino app. Using it is just like any other mobile app.

Online Gambling Apps for Windows, Blackberry and Other Devices

There are not many real gambling apps available for other devices. Apple and Android dominate the market. Most mobile online casinos focus only on these devices. However, almost every mobile casino offers a mobile website. Users with Windows or Blackberry devices can still play using the mobile casino website. You’ll need to access it via your device’s web browser.

What Games are Available on Real Money Casino Apps?

Mobile casino apps give players a good variety of games to choose from. You’ll find all the timeless table game classics like poker, blackjack, craps, and roulette. Video poker is a very popular mobile casino table game. However, slots are by far the most popular mobile casino game.

Below we break down each mobile casino game by type. We cover most aspects of the typical experience. Our listings include info on graphics, game speed, ease of use, user interface, and more.

Real Money Slots Apps

Slots are probably the most popular online casino game. Usually, mobile online casinos have more slots than any other type of game.

However, not every slots game at a mobile casino will be available on the casino app. Mobile casino apps have more limited game selections than casino websites. If you don’t find your favorite slots game, check the mobile casino website. Additionally, you can try a different mobile casino app.

However, even though mobile casino apps have more limited choices, they still usually have hundreds of slots games. Regardless of the mobile casino, players still have lots of great options.

Slots games are a great candidate for mobile play. The typical size and shape of a slot machine fits the mobile device screen perfectly. In portrait orientation, the entire machine is shown vertically. In landscape orientation, the slot reels fill the entire device screen. Mobile casino slots are all optimized for mobile play.

Mobile online casinos have lots of different slots options. There are tons of slots games types you can choose.

Players looking to win large jackpots will find some great slots games. A very popular jackpot slot at mobile online casinos is Cleopatra. In this slots game, players can win a massive mega-jackpot. In the game’s history, this jackpot has gone as high as $630,000. To win this jackpot, you just need to line up five jackpot symbols on the middle line. It sounds easy, but it’s pretty rare. Additionally, the jackpot can be won at random.

Many online slots have taken the traditional slots game to the extreme. These games offer tons of different paylines and ways to win.

Player will find some great slots games on mobile devices

Slots games with special prizes and the best chance of winning

The slots game with the most ways to win is probably Raging Rhino. This slots game has six reels. On every spin, players have 4,096 total ways they can win.

Another cool online slots feature is cascading wins. These games use cascading reels to give players the chance at multiple wins per each spin. One of the best slots games in this category is Gonzo’s Quest. This game’s cascading reels increase your multiplier with each win. If you win more than once on a spin, your multiplier goes up to 5x.

Some slots games have made their own innovative rules. Steam Tower is a unique slots game that has yet to be copied. It’s still a slots game, but it feels more like a video game. Players try to guide their steampunk hero character to the top of a tower. At the top is a special prize. You can advance the character by winning turns.

Another innovative slots game is Invaders from Planet Moolah. This game also has a unique feel. It’s a bit more like a video game than a slots game. Players will need to dodge attacks from alien cows while playing.

Mobile online casinos also offer lots of traditional slots options. You will always find classic slots with 7s, bars and fruits. Additionally, branded TV and movie slots, jackpot slots, and Atlantic City slots are very common.

Playing any of these slots games on a mobile device will feel natural and smooth. Every mobile casino makes sure that its slots games are optimized for mobile play.

Mobile Casino Video Poker Apps

Poker is one of the most popular mobile casino table games. Video poker is the digital version of this classic table game.

Video poker is also great for mobile play. It’s designed to fit mobile device screens exactly. In landscape orientation, you’ll see a table with your own cards as well as other digital players. This is the best way to play.

In terms of graphics, video poker is more basic than slots. The latest mobile slots games have advanced animations. Video poker is a much simpler game, so there aren’t usually fancy graphics.

However, video poker does allow players to refine their strategies. It’s easy to make decisions in video poker because there is less pressure. You can try out new methods here before bringing them to real poker.

Most mobile online casinos don’t have a huge variety of video poker choices. However, you will usually find options like jacks or better and deuces wild. If you’re new to video poker, search online for strategy charts. These will help you get acquainted with the best betting strategies for any cards you get.

Mobile Casino Blackjack Apps

Blackjack is the most popular mobile casino table game. It’s also likely the most popular casino table game in the world. That’s because it’s easy to learn and play.

Blackjack has a relatively slow game pace. That’s because you go back and forth with the dealer as cards are played. Mobile casino blackjack is great for learning some strategy. You can easily find blackjack strategy charts online. These will help you maximize your odds and beat the house.

Mobile casino blackjack is also well suited for mobile device play. With modern smartphones, there’s plenty of screen size to see every card. Usually, you’ll find a few varieties of this game within casino apps. You will always find the classic version of blackjack. Additionally, Atlantic City rules games with eight decks are common.

Mobile casino blackjack is also well suited for mobile device play

Mobile Casino Roulette Apps.

Unlike other table games, roulette requires a spinning wheel. This can take up more space on a mobile device screen. Additionally, you have a large table where players choose their bets. Casino apps have had to get creative to fit all this on mobile device screens. You can turn your device to landscape orientation, but this will still be cramped. We recommend that you play mobile roulette on a large device like a tablet.

There are not too many options for mobile roulette. Usually, you will only find the classic game. However, you can sometimes find other versions like French roulette, European roulette or American roulette.

However, we don’t recommend American roulette for mobile casino play. That’s because this version actually gives the house better odds. Try to find French roulette or European roulette if you can.

Mobile Casino Craps Apps

You might be thinking that craps doesn’t work on mobile. How do you roll dice? Is rolling digital dice still fair? The good news is that mobile online casinos have already thought of all these things.

First, you can be confident that mobile craps games are fair. At legal casinos, the only craps games you’ll find are certified by reputable gambling organizations. Everything is totally fair to the player. Random number generators are used to ensure a random and fair experience.

It’s true that craps requires a large area to play. Mobile online casino apps have also had to get creative with this. This is another mobile casino game that we recommend for tablet play.

Not all mobile online casino apps offer craps games. However, more are launched all the time. Check a few online casinos if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

You can even play craps games on you mobile device

Mobile Casino Keno Apps

Keno games come in many forms. One might say that bingo, roulette, and lotteries are all forms of keno games.

The basic concept of keno is straightforward. First, you pick a series of numbers, typically between 1 and 80. Next, you try to match as many of these numbers as you can. Your prize amount will go up for every number you match.

Keno games are great for mobile casino play. They are well suited for mobile device screens. All that you really need to see is a large number grid. There are no flashy graphics here.

Keno is sometimes difficult to find at mobile online casinos. It’s not the most popular casino game out there. However, if you dig around you will find it at a mobile casino. For players in New Jersey, Virgin Casino NJ has a great mobile keno game. It’s fast-paced and has a few available versions.

Live Dealer Mobile Online Casinos

Live dealer gambling is the closest you’ll get to real casino gambling while online. It’s exciting and interactive for players. Everything is streamed to your device in real time. Consequently, you really are a part of the action as it happens.

Usually, there are lots of live dealer game options with open seats. Once you enter a game, you’ll instantly see the live dealer. This is done via live streaming video to your device. Keep in mind that this requires a decent connection to work smoothly.

Live dealers at mobile online casinos add a lot to the gameplay experience. They are able to chat with players and players can chat back. Usually, you can chat with other players too. If you don’t want to chat, you can simple turn off this feature.

Live dealer mobile casino games work the same as real life table games. You’ll find all the same gaming options. Roulette is very popular. Poker is a common game choice too. Additionally, blackjack options abound.

Live dealer roulette is a big step up from traditional online roulette. Players will see a physical wheel spin in real time. The video feed will zoom in on the wheel once it’s spun. You get to see the ball land immediately as it happens.

Blackjack is massively popular at live dealer casinos. Usually, there are table options for various different stakes. You will also get the benefit of watching every card turn in real time. This adds some real suspense and excitement.

Additionally, baccarat and Casino Hold’Em are popular too. Players looking for the authentic casino experience should try these live dealer games. Furthermore, you should keep an eye out for bonuses or special promotions for live dealer games. These can also enhance your playing experience.

Advantages of Using Real Money Casino Apps

Mobile casino gaming apps make the gambling experience more streamlined at every step. Using mobile casino apps makes gameplay more convenient too. You can just open the app and start playing. You don’t need to navigate to the casino website. There are no finicky interfaces. Everything is designed to work smoothly within the app.

Casino apps do take up some space on your phone, but it’s not that much. This little bit of storage makes games load faster. Additionally, it makes for smoother graphics and game interfaces.

Mobile devices are so popular these days that most online casino games are designed for mobile first. Developers think about the mobile gaming experience above the desktop browser experience. When apps are designed mobile first, players get the best of both worlds. It’s much easier to make a mobile game work well on desktop than the other way around.

Mobile casino apps streamline the entire gambling experience. From the first tap you make to open the app, everything is intuitive. Usually, it takes just one or two taps to access your favorite mobile casino game. That’s a big reason that players often use mobile casino apps even when they have other options.

Unfortunately, not all online casino games are available on casino apps. This is really up to each individual casino to decide. Overall, you won’t find as many game choices in mobile casino apps. However, the games you do find will be high quality with a smooth playing experience.

Mobile casino apps streamline the entire gambling experience

Is Mobile Casino Gaming Safe?

Overall, the answer is yes. However, this is only true if you’re playing at a licensed and regulated mobile casino. In the USA, this is easy to check. Just look for the casino license on its website. Any mobile online casinos operating in New Jersey and Pennsylvania will be safe.

You can also check if the casino is secure by looking for “https” at the beginning of the URL. Most online casinos also display security verifications at the bottom of all site pages. If you have questions, check the Privacy section on a casino website.

If a mobile casino does anything that’s out of line, it risks losing its license. Legal casinos will never risk it. Licenses are too expensive and too hard to come by. In some states, gambling licenses can cost up to $10 million each.

Mobile Casino Bonuses and Promotions

Mobile online casinos do offer bonuses and promotions to players. Players will be able to get free cash, deposit matches, and cashback as well as tons of other offers.

Usually, new players with brand new accounts get access to the best offers. New players can often get free cash just for signing up. This applies to mobile online casinos too.

If you use a bonus with a wagering requirement (almost all have one), you can play through it on mobile too. Any eligible games you play at a mobile casino will count towards playthrough requirements.