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For gamblers more familiar with traditional casinos, it can be a big jump to switch over to online casino gambling. Certainly, online gambling feels a lot different than in-person gambling on the casino floor. However, the good news is that many of the most reputable land-based casinos now offer online casino websites too. Big names like Ceasars, Tropicana, Golden Nugget, and SugarHouse all have their own online casinos. You can play with confidence at any licensed and regulated US online casino. To get the full picture, check out our online casino reviews below. 

There are tons of US online casino options out there today. However, you need to make sure you find one that’s legal in the state you’re located in. Most American online casinos are only legal in specific states. You need to be physically located in those states in order to play. For example, the Tropicana Atlantic City NJ casino has its own online casino site. However, in order to gamble there, you need to be located within NJ state lines.

Our online casino reviews will explain all of these requirements in detail. Additionally, our casino reviews look at important aspects like security, payment options, and game choices. We cover all the best rated online casino sites so you can make the best playing decision. If you’re looking for the top rated online casinos, then you’ve come to the right place!

Find a Casino With Our Online Casino Reviews USA

There is no shortage of online casinos in the USA today. With such a saturated market, it can be tough to pick just one casino to play at. The good news is, you don’t have to! You can play at as many online casinos as you want. We cover all the top rated online casinos in each US state so you can find the best one for you. Just make sure you’re looking at online casinos that you can legally play at in your state.

Best Rated Online Casino Reviews by Our Experts

We are gamblers ourselves, so we personally test every US online casino that we review. Many of our team members have worked in the gambling industry before, so they know exactly what to look for when making casino reviews. Additionally, we have plenty of avid gamblers on the team too, some of which are even semi-professional. That means you’ll always get the most detailed casino reviews.

Check out our best rated online casino list to learn more about our favorite online casinos. We put together this extensive list over years of testing and playing. For US players we only recommend honest online casinos. We won’t review anything that isn’t a verified online casino. We check every online casino for the proper licenses before playing.

Our list of the top rated online casinos has tons of information. We go over every casino’s license, game selection, security, safety, and bonuses as well as important features like customer support and available languages. If you read our online casino reviews first, you won’t have any nasty surprises down the road.

Best rated online casino US

Categories in Our Online Casino Reviews USA

To make things easier for you, we’ve broken down our casino reviews into categories. You can select that category that’s relevant to you and hide anything you’re not interested in. This makes it easier to sort through the large number of online casino reviews we offer.

For casino reviews outside the USA, check out our casino reviews by country. We have separate pages covering other major countries with legal online gambling. Use our links to browse those pages and find the best rated online casino in your country.

Within the USA, only certain states actually allow online casino gambling. We’ve broken down our online casino reviews USA section in categories for each legal state. Presently, some of the biggest legal US online gambling markets include New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. You’ll find casino reviews for all these states here on our site.

Top 5 Things to Check in Online Casino Reviews

1. Game Selection

We understand that for many gamblers, the choice of casino really comes down to the games they offer. Whether you’re a slots player or expert at blackjack, you’ll find online casino reviews relevant to you. However, you should always check out a casino’s game selection before you make a new account.

2. Gambling License

Online casinos can’t just operate anywhere they like. Instead, they are limited to locations where they are licensed by specific regulatory bodies. In Europe, most countries do allow online casino gambling. In these countries, online casinos must still have the proper licenses to operate. However, in the USA, gambling laws are specific to every individual state. Essentially, that means the state you’re in will determine the online casinos you can play at. Most US online casinos are only legal in single states where they are partnered with land-based casinos. Always make sure to check your state’s laws and verify that the casino you’re using is legal there.

3. Bonuses

Almost every single online casino will offer some type of bonus. These are basically promotional offers that give players extra incentives to play. Specifically, you can get free cash upon signup, a deposit match, cash back on lost wagers, reload bonuses, VIP rewards, and much more. However, this all depends on the casino you’re using. Every online casino does it differently. Always check out an online casino’s welcome bonuses for new players before making an account. Some online casinos give new players much better incentives that others.

4. Payment Options

For most gamblers, the thrill of the game really comes from the wager. That chance at winning cash is what makes the game exciting. In order to make wagers at online casinos, you need to deposit funds. Usually, this works just like it would at any online store. Most online casino accept common credit and debit cards, e-wallets like PayPal and Skrill, and bank transfers. However, this is different for every online casino. Our online casino reviews take payment options into account. If you have a preferred payment method, make sure to check that a casino accepts it before making a new account.

5. Reputation

When it comes to the internet, it can sometimes be hard to know what’s reputable and what’s a scam. In the case of online casinos, you want to be sure you’re playing somewhere reputable. If you’re depositing your own cash, you want to make sure it’s safe. You also want to ensure that if you win, you’ll actually get the payout you’ve earned. The good news is, it’s easy to check a casino’s reputation. The best way to verify that a casino is legit is to look for its license information. This is always available on the online casino website. We cover casino licensing in-depth in our online casino reviews.

Reputatie online casino US

Our Criteria for Judging the Top Rated Online Casinos

We have put together a standardized way to review and rank online casinos. Consequently, our casino reviews consistently cover all the important aspects of casinos that gamblers value the most. We won’t recommend an online casino if it doesn’t meet certain basic requirements for safety and security. If you use our online casino reviews, you’ll always end up at a safe and reputable online casino. 

These are the criteria we use to judge the top rated online casinos. For us to recommend an online casino, it must:

  • Be licensed and regulated by an official gambling authority
  • Have a secure website
  • Have a large selection of casino games
  • Nice RTP and house edge
  • Have fair and random games
  • Run smoothly with no bugs or errors
  • Have attractive welcome bonuses and loyalty rewards
  • Accept common payment methods like credit and debit cars, e-wallets, and bank transfers

How We Determine the Best Rated Online Casino

In all of our casino reviews, we provide the same basic information. This way, you can easily make direct comparisons across all the online casino reviews we offer. We will always list the casino’s software, graphics quality, customer support, progressive jackpots, game selection, reputation, bonuses and wagering requirements, RTP and house edge, deposit methods, and withdrawal options. For every criteria in our online casino reviews, we assign a ranking from 1-10. This is our way of standardizing these aspects of all online casinos. For example, the higher the ranking out of 10 for game selection, the more games the casino offers.

Casino Reviews Criteria #1: Gambling License

Obviously, safety and security are of the utmost importance at online casinos. We want you and your money to be safe at all times. That’s why we always check a casino’s gambling license before anything else. We’ll check that the casino is licensed in its area of operation. Additionally, we’ll make sure the license is issued by an official governing body. Below we’ve listed some of the most prominent gambling regulatory agencies around the world. Each of these listed below are official organizations operating in specific areas. If an online casino is regulated by one of these agencies, it is 100% reputable.

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA)

Malta is a small island nation in the Mediterranean Sea, just to the south of Sicily. It’s known to be a bit of a gambling haven thanks to its great gambling laws. It’s also known as a tax haven due to great tax rates. Many European online casinos are based out of Malta and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority. 

The MGA was established back in 2001. Since its founding, its earned an excellent reputation of quality and security within the world of iGaming. Malta is part of the E.U. which means that, due to E.U. laws, gambling operators can base their operations there while serving other European countries. One of the biggest benefits to gambling operators is Malta’s excellent tax rates.

Presently, there are more than 500 iGaming providers based in Malta. If you find any online casinos regulated by the MGA, you can rest easy. These will be very reputable casinos.

Malta Gaming Authority

The United Kingdom Gaming Commission

The United Kingdom Gaming Commission was once a very busy organization. However, things have changed a bit recently. Still, it has a great reputation and a long history. The UK Gaming Commission was one of the first gambling regulatory agencies from a major economic superpower nation. However, because of the high UK tax rate, very few gambling operators are based in the UK today.

The Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission

Similar to Malta, the Isle of Man is a tax haven for gambling operators. This small island is probably not a place you would expect lots of gambling companies to reside. However, the tax rates and gambling laws are very attractive.

Today, there’s quite a few gambling companies based in the Isle of Man. In fact, there are many online casinos based out of the Isle of Man. These are all tightly regulated and licensed by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission. If you come across any online casinos which are regulated by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission, you can be sure they are safe and secure.

Nevada Gaming Control Board

Nevada and Las Vegas are synonymous with gambling around the world. Las Vegas has been heavily featured in films and TV over the years. Consequently, you would expect there to be a robust gambling authority in the state of Nevada – you would be right.

However, the Nevada Gaming Control Board is relatively new. This organization was founded in 2011 specifically to regulate online gambling activities in Nevada. It’s actually one of the newest gambling regulatory agencies in the world. When Nevada made some tweaks to its gambling laws in the early 2010s, it created the Nevada Gaming Control Board to regulate newly allowed iGaming activities. The Nevada Gaming Control Board is quite strict, so you can be sure anything it licenses is reputable and safe. If you’re in Nevada, make sure you only use online casinos regulated by the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement

The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement has been around for longer than you might think. When NJ first legalized gambling in Atlantic City casinos, this organization was formed to regulate the practice. The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement was founded in 1977 and has been overseeing all NJ gambling ever since. Today, that includes a ton of NJ online casinos too. New Jersey is one of the biggest online gambling markets in the USA. If you’re within the state, you can gamble at online casinos. Just make sure they are licensed by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement.

Casino Reviews Criteria #2: Front of House

At a land-based casino, the front of house is obvious. It’s the first place you’ll be when you walk in the casino doors. There, you’ll find everything you need to get started at the casino. With online casinos, the front of house is the online casino homepage. It’s the first thing you’ll see when you visit the online casino site.

The best online casinos make their front of house easy to use, with every important feature easily accessible. When we do online casino reviews, we look closely at the casino homepage to make sure it works well. We want to make sure we’re recommending the best of the best. From a good online casino homepage, you’ll be able to easily access your account, bonus offers deposit and withdrawal options, and the entire casino game selection.

Casino Reviews Criteria #3: Safety & Security

We believe that the safety and security of players is the most important thing at any online casino. In fact, we should probably rank this higher in our list of criteria. We already covered online casino gaming licenses – you should always look for these first. If you visit an online casino and can easily find its gaming license from a reputable organization, then it’s going to be safe.

When doing our online casino reviews, we always prioritize safety and security. In addition to the casino license, we also check the website’s security. We make sure that any online casinos we recommend are using the latest encryption and https security features. Keep in mind, you’re giving the casino your personal details. You’re also giving them your money, and often you’re providing sensitive payment details. That’s why we dig deep into online casino website security.

Additionally, we verify casino payout policies. We do our own testing to verify that a casino will in fact payout. Also, we keep detailed notes on the time it takes to receive the payout, and the methods that can be used. 

To all players, we also make sure that online casino games are fair. Our team spends hours playing and testing every game that a casino offers in order to make sure there’s no funny business. We believe that every player should be treated equally, no matter what. You can ensure you’ll have the best playing experience by only using online casinos that we recommend. We do the ground work for you. We only recommend well-established online casinos that have been around for years with the proper licenses.

Safety & Security online casino

Casino Reviews Criteria #4: Casino Software

In the iGaming world, every casino runs a bit differently. That’s because there are many different types of casino software out there. Each online casino can choose its own software from a group of reputable industry-leading companies. Our experienced team of testers knows what to look for when testing gambling software. They will make sure the casinos we recommend are running on the best software available.

Some of the biggest names in the industry today include Microgaming, NetEnt, and Playtech. All of these industry giants offer their own gaming platforms. Each one is powerful and reputable. Online casinos that run on well-established software platforms will have the best playing experiences. That’s because that software handles every part of the online casino experience from gaming to customer support. That software is also responsible for device compatibility and mobile gaming.

Casino Reviews Criteria #5: Game Selection

Once we verify that an online casino is safe and secure, the next step is to check out its game options. We want players to have the best choices available. We place a heavy weight on the casino’s score in this area. If an online casino doesn’t offer a broad range of games, it will get a lower rating in this area.

The best online casinos will offer all the popular casino games like slots, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, video poker, keno, bingo, and much more. Occasionally, we also review specific slots titles from various online casinos. If an online casino is home to some great titles, we’ll make sure it’s included in the review.

However, the casino’s game selection is only as good as its software. If an online casino has great games but they load slowly and crash often, we probably will give a low rating. We’ll also make sure to include this info in our casino reviews. We want players to have an enjoyable experience. That means high-quality games that work reliably and don’t crash.

Casino Reviews Criteria #6: Payment Options

Next to gaming options, online casino payment options are just as important. Overall, most online casinos accept the same basic payment methods. You will almost always find Visa and MasterCard options, Skrill, PayPal, echeck, and bank transfer methods. If an online casino is partnered with a land-based casino in a specific US state, you will often be able to use the casino cage too.

Neteller is a common payment method these days. It’s a type of e-wallet, similar to PayPal. It offers secure and fast deposits and withdrawals. Out of all the e-wallet companies out there today, Neteller is one of the safest for online gambling.

Zimpler is another common payment option today that exists mainly in Europe. It was founded in 2016 and is based in Sweden. It offers a great mobile deposit method that’s very secure.

Obviously, MasterCard is one of, if not the most common global payment method today. Almost every online casino in the world accepts this major credit card. MasterCard is one of the credit card giants. Consequently, it’s also one of the safest payment methods you can use. Nobody has stronger customer support than MasterCard.

Skrill is another great e-wallet similar to PayPal. It’s a bit less well-known than PayPal, but it’s becoming very popular. It’s especially popular for online gambling. It actually used to be called Moneybookers, but rebranded in the last few years. It’s a very reputable service that’s accepted at most online casinos. In fact, it’s actually more widely accepted than PayPal.

Casino Reviews Criteria #7: Bonuses & Promotions

Online casinos had to come up with something to rival the land-based casino “comp” strategy. If you’re not familiar, here’s a basic rundown of the comp system. Major casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City get lots of players every year and they want them to stay. The casinos recognize that they can make more money if they keep players at the tables longer. That’s why casinos will regularly give out free drinks, free meals, and free hotel rooms. These are known as comps. Overall, they’re mostly given to players who spend lots of money and time at the casinos as a sort of loyalty bonus. However, casinos give them out to all players in some form or another.

This is where online casino bonuses came from. It’s a similar idea – online casinos want players to make new accounts and play for a while. However, being online, you probably won’t be getting drinks and hotel rooms. Instead, you’ll get free cash, deposit matches, cash back on losses, and reload bonuses. Specifically for new players, online casinos typically offer the best bonuses. That’s because they want to attract as many new players as possible. When we put together our online casino reviews, we always take bonuses into account. If an online casino offers great welcome bonuses for new players, we’ll make sure you know.

Bonuses & Promotions US

Online Casino Reviews FAQs

Are Online Casinos Legit?

There’s really no simple answer to this question. If you scroll up and read this page from the top, you’ll get a good idea of why this is. However, we’ll simplify it here.

In the USA, you can make sure that an online casino is legit by looking for its gaming license. In the USA, every state sets its own gambling laws. That means that online casinos aren’t legal in every state. You need to make sure the casino has a license in a legal state, and that you’re eligible to play there. 

In Europe, it’s actually much the same. Every country has its own laws, but most allow online gambling. Every legit online casino will be licensed by a reputable organization. You’ll find a list of the top agencies higher up on this page. If an online casino is licensed by one of these, it is fully legit.

However, there are some rogue online casinos out there. Avoid these at all costs. We will never recommend these casinos. If you can’t find a gaming license at an online casino, you should not play there.

Who Writes Your Casino Reviews?

We employ an experienced team of reviewers to write all our online casino reviews. Many of our team members have worked in the gambling industry. Additionally, most of them are avid gamblers. We would say that many of them are experts. This team investigates and writes every online casino review we post.

Do You Have Mobile Casino Reviews?

We do! However, we usually don’t separate them from our main casino reviews. We include all the information about an online casino’s mobile experience within the main casino review. When you read our online casino reviews, you will always find some information on whether or not the casino has its own mobile app or mobile website. We’ll also discuss the functionality of these mobile platforms.

Additionally, there are some mobile-only online casinos. We include these casino reviews on their own Mobile Casinos page. We go into deep detail in these casino reviews. We’ll tell you exactly how the mobile casino works. We’ll also make sure to include info on device compatibility for Android and iOS devices. Not all mobile casinos work on both device types. Make sure to keep this in mind when reading our mobile casino reviews.

Do You Have Live Online Casino Reviews?

We do! Again, we typically include this info within our main casino reviews. Many online casinos offer at least a few live casino games. We’ll include details on these games in our online casino reviews.

However, there are some online casinos that specialize in just live casino games. We review these casinos too. We have a unique page for Live Casino Reviews. There’s you’ll find all the info you need on reputable online live casinos.

Is the Casino Rating Actually Accurate?

On our site, we believe our ratings are an excellent representation of an online casino’s overall quality. That’s because we look at some many different areas of the casino to determine our ratings. Scroll up on this page to find the 7 major criteria we use when evaluating any online casino. They include security, licensing, payment options, game selection, casino bonuses, and more. We give every online casino a rating for each criteria, then combine those ratings to give the final rating. That way, the overall rating is very accurate to the overall casino quality.

How Old Must I Be to Gamble Online?

Overall, the minimum age is 18 years old. However, in the USA, most states require that players be at least 21 years old to gamble. You should always check the gambling laws for your country or state before gambling. You don’t want to end up on the wrong side of the law!

How Do I Register at an Online Casino?

Usually, online casino registration is very easy. Online casinos don’t want to turn away player with a complicated signup process. In most cases, the signup button is very obvious on the casino homepage. Once you click it, you’ll enter the account setup process. First, you’ll need to provide basic personal info like name, address, and email. Make sure you use an active email address, because you’ll need to confirm your account. Occasionally, you’ll need to provide ID or other identity verification documents. However, in most cases this info is only required once you’re ready to make a withdrawal. That keeps the initial signup process quick and easy.

How Do I Claim an Online Casino Welcome Bonus?

Usually, the online casino will give you the welcome bonus offer automatically upon account creation. However, this isn’t the case for every bonus. Some casino bonuses require a unique promo code to be unlocked. We have some of these codes on our casino review pages. Additionally, some bonuses are only unlocked once you make your first deposit.

However, make sure you use an active email address for yourself upon signup. You will get an email confirmation that you must click on to verify your account. You won’t be able to get any bonuses if you don’t complete the account verification process.

Why is the Required Info Different for Every Online Casino?

Every online casino will require the same basic personal info. However, there can be differences in other personal details. The differences in required info usually come from state or national laws governing the casino you’re using.

Is My Personal Information Kept Private By Casinos?

If you’re using a casino that we recommend, then the answer is yes. If a casino is licensed by a reputable organization, then it will be very careful to keep player info private. Otherwise, it could lose its license. Outside of reputable and licensed casinos, it’s kind of the wild west. We don’t recommend using unlicensed casinos. That’s why we only recommend the best, licensed online casinos.