Skillz Games

Skillz games include a wide range of classic card games like solitaire and freecell. You’ll also find a wide variety of new skill games including bubble match games and quizzes. All these games can be found online today. Additionally, you can play all these skill games for money online.

Skillz is actually its own gaming platform. Game developers are constantly adding new games to the platform. Presently, players can enter tournament or head-to-head Skillz games. Players have the opportunity to play Skillz games for money or just for fun.

The Skillz platform is smart. It always tries to match up players with equal abilities. Consequently, every game is as fair as possible. There are some Skillz game experts out there. A new player would have a slim chance of winning against one of these experts.

Here we’ll cover every Skillz game you can play online right now. We will also discuss how the Skillz platform works, and how you can get started playing Skillz games.

What are Skillz Games?

Skillz games are already familiar to many players. Classics like solitaire and bingo are common skill games. Additionally, many skill games are similar to popular app-based mobile games. We’re talking about those popular games where you line up gems or shoot bubbles. In these cases, the games have been duplicated without the copyrighted names.

On the Skillz game platform, you can play all these games in tournament-style formats. Additionally, there are head-to-head Skillz game apps where players compete one on one. The Skillz platform is smart enough to match only players with similar skill levels. That keeps the gaming experience fair for everyone.

Skillz also offers knockout-style games. In these games, players are gradually eliminated until just one player remains. These games often payout even if players don’t win the top stop. Payouts vary based on how far a player makes it in the game standings.

The Skillz platform gives players a few playing choices. You have the option to play skill games for money or just for fun. When you play for fun, you use “Z” currency which has no value and is only for entertainment.

Every Skillz game is designed with mobile devices in mind. In fact, you might say that every Skillz game is designed for mobile first. These games are all optimized for play on mobile devices. There is a Skillz app available for Android and Apple devices. From the Skillz app, you can create an account, deposit and withdraw cash, and play Skillz games.

All Skillz for Android & iPhone

These are the most popular skill games being played right now:

  • Jewel Blitz
  • 21 Blitz
  • Freecell Solitaire Cube
  • Pro Pool
  • Cube Cube
  • Texas Hold’Em Solitaire

Are Skillz Games Legal in the USA?

Skillz actually gets around most state-level gambling laws. That’s because these games are skill-based. Consequently, they are not seen as traditional gambling games. Specifically, Skillz says that it is an esports platform, not a gambling platform. It has been operating in the USA since 2014.

That said, every Skillz game is still regulated on a state-by-state basis. The legality of these games differs for each US state. Presently, there are 38 states which allow skill games.

Skillz games are illegal in these US states:

  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Florida
  • Louisiana
  • Maryland
  • Montana
  • South Carolina
  • South Dakota
  • Tennessee

Additionally, players in Indiana and Maine have limited access to Skillz games. Players in these states cannot play any Skillz games which use playing cards in gameplay (solitaire, etc.). All other skill games are legal in Indiana and Maine.

Skillz Games for Real Money

Remember, Skillz games are not technically gambling because they are skill-based. However, players can still win real money playing skill games.

There are two main ways to play Skillz games:

  • Skillz For Fun: You can play a Skillz game for fun without spending a thing. When you do, you use “Z” play money. This currency has no real value and is for entertainment purposes only. You can’t redeem “Z” money for anything. However, it’s a great way to have fun and learn some games.
  • Skillz For Real Money: Every Skillz game can also be played for real money. Skillz accepts credit cards and PayPal for cash deposits. When you play Skillz games for money, you can win some great cash prizes. Skillz also offers match codes which let players enjoy select real money skill games with a free buy-in.

Skillz Match Codes

Match codes are a promotional tactic that Skillz uses to attract players to specific games.

If you’re familiar with online casino gambling, you might think this sounds similar to deposit match bonuses. However, it works a bit differently. This type of match doesn’t give you a match on your cash deposit.

Instead, match codes are essentially passwords that give you access to free tournaments. Players can use the codes to enter tournaments for free. Players can still win real money in these tournaments.

Usually, players can find match codes on Skillz social media. Additionally, other gambling sites sometimes promote Skillz games and advertise these codes.

Match codes only work on specific Skillz games. Usually, one code is good for just one specific game. Most of the time, you’re required to use the code in a set time period.

Despite the fact that match codes give you free entry into tournaments, players can still win real cash.

These Skillz games currently have match codes available:

  • 21 Blitz
  • Bubble Shooter Tournaments
  • Cube Cube
  • Jewel Blitz Block Puzzle
  • Strike! esports Bowling
  • Solitaire Cube

Play Skillz games for Free

It’s possible to play any Skillz game totally for free. You don’t need to deposit any cash in order to play skill games.

When you play a Skillz game for free, you end up using the Z currency which has no real value. It’s there just for show and entertainment. Skillz will give out free Z money regularly. Additionally, you can get extra Z cash through Skillz social media.

When you play a Skillz game for free, you can still play all the same games. Players can even use Z cash to enter free tournaments. However, you won’t be able to win anything of real value in these free tournaments. The best you’ll get is a higher leaderboard ranking and some practice.

Skillz App Games for Mobile

Every Skillz game is optimized for mobile play. In fact, this is the primary way for players to enjoy Skillz games. Skillz does not actually offer a desktop platform.

Skillz games are available as individual apps. The vast majority of these apps are now available for both Android and Apple devices. However, a few Skillz apps are only available for iOS devices like iPhone and iPad.

When you download a Skillz app, you get a random username when you open the app. You can change this if you like by accessing the Account section of the app.

How to Download Skillz Games for Android

Downloading Skillz apps for Android is not as simple as going to the app store. In fact, Google has banned all gambling apps (and Skillz apps by extension) from the Google Play Store.

Instead, Android users can download Skillz apps directly from the Skillz website. To do this, navigate to on your phone’s web browser. On this page, you’ll see a list of every Skillz game for Android. Next to each name you’ll see a little Android icon. Tap this icon to download the app for a specific game.

Since you’re downloading these apps via the internet, your device will prompt you with an unknown source warning. As long as you’re downloading from the Skillz website, you can ignore this warning. Tap OK to close the warning and continue the download.

How to Download Skillz Games for iPhone / iPad

Unlike Google, Apple has not banned any Skillz apps from its app store. Apple users can find all Skillz game apps right in the Apple App Store.

Additionally, Apple users can download these apps from the Skillz website. To do it, you need to visit using your device’s web browser. There, you’ll see a list of every Skillz game. You can tap the Apple icon next to each to initial the app download.

Skillz Deposit and Cash Out

To play Skillz games, you need to create an account for yourself. The good news is that you can use that same account for all Skillz games and Skillz apps.

From your Skillz account page, you can track all your activity and make deposits. Skillz gives players a bunch of easy deposit options.

Withdrawing money from Skillz is easy too. Usually, Skillz allows for withdrawals using the same method the player used to deposit.

These are the primary Skillz deposit options:

  • Credit Card: Skillz makes it easy to use credit cards for deposits. It’s just like making any other online purchase. Visa and MasterCard are accepted widely.
  • Prepaid Card: You can use prepaid cards to deposit cash into your Skillz account. This includes generic gift cards available at convenience and grocery stores. Just be sure to hang onto the card if you use this method. That card is the only way to verify your deposit.
  • Apple Pay: Skillz is now onboard with Apple Pay. This easy option is available to iPhone and iPad users.
  • PayPal: This is one of the top global e-wallet companies. PayPal is reputable, safe, and easy to use.

Overall, Skillz requires that you withdraw funds using the same method you used to deposit. This is done to prevent fraud and money laundering.

Large withdrawals greater than the amount you deposited are subject to additional rules. It’s a slow withdrawal process, typically four weeks or more. The only way to get this cash is to have a paper check sent to your address.

Skillz Game Bonus Cash & Rewards

There are a few ways for players to earn extra bonus cash on Skillz.

The easiest way is to simply refer Skillz to your friends. Skillz offers $10 in free bonus cash for every new player you refer to the platform. The catch is that those players need to play for real money for you to get the bonus cash.

Occasionally, Skillz also offers bonus cash offers via social media. Check the Skillz socials often for chances at these bonuses.

Be aware that Skillz bonus cash can only be used to enter tournaments and play Skillz games. You cannot withdraw Skillz bonus cash directly. If you make any withdrawals while you have bonus cash in your account, you’ll lose that bonus.

Players can also get some rewards via the Skillz loyalty program. Regular players should definitely take advantage of this program.

Players can earn “ticketz” and special trophies through the Skillz loyalty program. The number of “ticketz” you earn depends on the entry fees you pay to enter tournaments. Ultimately, you can redeem “ticketz” for prizes in the Skillz store. You can also turn “ticketz” into bonus cash.

Skillz also has its own version of the High Roller Bonus. It’s a VIP program for the platform’s biggest spenders. To access this, you need to reach the black tier of the loyalty program. That’s the highest tier you can get.

Once you reach the black tier, you unlock a special “ticketz multiplier”. This gives you extra “ticketz” for every tournament you enter.

Skillz Games FAQ

How do Skillz Games Work?

Skillz offers a lot of different games. Each one has its own rules.

You can find a list of every Skillz game on the Skillz website. Visit to view the full list.

From that page, you can download Skillz apps and start playing games. You can play any Skillz game for free too, so there’s no risk if you’re new. Once you’re ready, you can enter tournaments and play Skillz games for money.

Skillz tries to keep its playing environment as fair as possible. The platform’s software tries to match up players by skill as best as possible. That means a new player will always get a low-level opponent. Advanced players will be matched with comparable players.

Are There Any Skillz Games Cheats?

Overall, there is no way to cheat at skill games. In fact, anyone caught cheating will be banned from every Skillz game for life.

Skillz takes cheating very seriously. Security methods built-in to every Skillz app will detect any type of cheating. If you find any “Skillz games cheats” online they are fake.

What are the Most Popular Skillz Games?

New Skillz games are always being added to the platform. Overall, players are very receptive to new games. The latest skill games often move up the popularity chart quickly.

These are some of the most popular Skillz games right now:

  • Cube Cube
  • Solitaire Cube
  • Strike (Bowling)
  • Bubble Shooter
  • 21 Blitz (Blackjack)

Can I Win Real Money Playing Skillz Games?

Yes you can! Players can win real money playing Skillz games. The Skillz platform makes it easy and safe to deposit cash to start playing for real money. It’s also easy to withdraw cash from Skillz. See our section on Skillz deposit and withdrawal methods above for more info.