Sweepstakes Casinos Online

Sweepstakes casinos are a great alternative for gamblers in states where traditional online casino gambling is illegal. These sites became popular in the USA around 2005. Since that time, they have quickly grown in popularity. Today, sweepstakes casino sites are able to legally operate in almost any US state. That’s because they are not technically seen as casinos under the law. Instead, they are seen as sweepstakes contests.

Sweepstakes casinos fall under aging sweepstakes laws in the USA. These laws let sweepstakes casinos legally operate as long as they adhere to specific guidelines. They key to these rules is that sweepstakes casinos cannot actually make players pay money to play games.

Instead, sweepstakes casinos let gamblers play with free currency. This free currency is usually called “gold coins” but it varies by site. Players get this currency for free at sweepstakes casinos, so gameplay is totally free.

However, by playing games, gamblers can get another type of currency. Sometimes known as “sweeps coins”, this currency cannot be bought. Players receive it randomly as they play and win games. Ultimately, this is the currency that players can use to get prizes from sweepstakes casinos.

There are a lot of USA sweepstakes casino options at the present time. Some of the most popular sweepstakes casino sites are Chumba Casino, Luckyland Slots, Global Poker, Zitobox Slots, and B-Spot .

All these sites are based in the classic sweepstakes model. This was popularized by organizations like Publishers Clearing House. However, sweepstakes casinos won’t feel like you’re playing a clearing house sweepstakes. Players won’t really notice a difference in terms of gameplay at sweepstakes casinos. Sweepstakes casinos will still offer all the same slots and table game varieties found at traditional online casinos.

Are Online Sweepstakes Casinos Legal in the USA?

Under current US sweepstakes laws, sweepstakes casinos are legal in most states. However, some states have their own laws which outlaw these casinos. Be sure to check local regulations before playing.

Traditional online casinos require licenses from state-specific regulatory agencies. At these casinos, you wager and play with your own real money.

At sweepstakes casinos, things are bit different in order to comply with sweepstakes laws. Sweepstakes casinos are legal because players can play for free without paying or wagering anything. Players use “coins” in order to play. These can be acquired for free. All sweepstakes casino games are actually considered individual sweepstakes contests.

How Sweeps Cash Casinos Work: Chumba Casino & Global Poker

To give you a better idea of how sweepstakes casinos work, let’s take a look at Chumba Casino and Global Poker. These are two of the most popular USA sweepstakes casinos.

At either site, players don’t necessarily need to buy anything in order to play. The option for free play must be offered in order for the site to be considered a sweepstakes. Additionally, players cannot win any money directly from playing sweepstakes casino games.

The goal at either site is to acquire “sweeps coins” because these can be redeemed for prizes. You are never able to directly pay for sweeps coins. However, there are a few other ways that players can get these coins.

Players can buy gold coins at sweepstakes casinos, but they don’t need to. Gold coins are used only for gameplay and cannot be used to redeem prizes. Buying large quantities of these coins gives players more opportunities to play.

Gold coins are for entertainment purposes only. However, when players buy gold coins, they are given some sweeps coins as a free gift. These sweeps coins can be redeemed for prizes.

Sweeps coins are what you really want to acquire at sweepstakes casinos. These coins can be redeemed for great prizes. They can also usually be redeemed directly for cash at a rate of 1 sweep coin for 1 US dollar.

When you make a new account at either Chumba Casino or Global Poker, you will get some gold coins for free. Chumba Casino will also give you a small amount of free sweeps coins upon signup.

Free Sweeps Cash Casinos: Can You Play for Free?

You can easily get some sweeps coins for free at sweepstakes casinos. You are not technically required to buy anything in order to play at sweepstakes casinos.

Sweeps Cash Games at Chumba Casino

Chumba Casino gives players a few ways to get sweeps coins totally free:

Sign Up & Sign In

The easiest and most common way to get some free sweeps coins is to make an account. Chumba Casino will give every new account two free sweeps coins once verified by email.

Additionally, this online sweepstakes casino will usually give players a daily bonus each day that they login. This bonus can give players a few more sweeps coins per day. If eligible, players will see a pop up on-screen. They can then claim the daily bonus. This bonus resets every day at midnight Eastern Time.

Use Social Media

Every online sweepstakes casino will regularly hold social media contests. These contests can give players more free sweeps coins if they win. The key is that these contests are totally free to enter. Anyone can enter them for free.

A typical sweepstakes casino social media contest is easy to enter. Usually, entrants only need to answer a simple question or share the contest post. Each contest usually has multiple winners. Winners are chosen at random. Every winner will get a set amount of free sweeps coins.

Buy Gold Coins

Players will get a few sweeps coins for free when they buy gold coins. This is usually clearly stated on every online sweepstakes casino purchase page. Specific packages of gold coins will offer a few free sweeps coins with purchase.

The amount of sweeps coins you get for a purchase of gold coins will vary. It depends on how many gold coins you bought. Larger packages of gold coins will usually rewards players with more sweeps coins.

Mail It In

Believe it or not, online sweepstakes casinos let players mail in requests to get free sweeps coins. This satisfies the “no purchase necessary” disclaimer on sweepstakes casino websites. This is one of the options that requires no purchase in order to play.

The specific requirements for a mail-in request vary for each sweepstakes casino. In general, you’re required to send an envelope with a letter inside stating a specific message. You must send the request to a specific address. Usually, you’re limited in how often you can send these requests.

Online Sweepstakes Casinos Deposits

Sweepstakes casino players cannot directly buy sweeps coins. Instead, they can buy gold coins. Buying gold coins will give players a few free sweeps coins. Sweepstakes casinos let players purchase gold coins via these methods:

  • Credit Card
  • Skrill

In order to cash out your sweeps coins, you need to satisfy a few requirements. There is usually a minimum amount needed before you can cash out. Global Poker requires that a player have at least $50 in sweeps coins before cashing out. At Chumba Casino, players must have at least $100 before they’re allowed to cash out. Using the Facebook app for either casino will likely have a higher cash out limit.

There is also a verification process before you can make your first withdrawal. Players must go through an ID verification process. A photo or scan of these two documents is required:

  • Government Issued ID: passport, driver’s license, green card, etc.
  • Proof of Address: bank statement, utility bills, etc.

Once you submit these items and confirm your identity, you are then able to withdraw prize winnings.

Sweepstakes Casino Review: Chumba Casino

Chumba Casino is one of the most popular USA sweepstakes casino websites. This site offers all the traditional casino games including slots and table games like blackjack and poker.

You can use either gold coins or sweeps coins to play games at Chumba Casino.

It’s very simple for new players to signup. You can quickly create an account on the Chumba Casino website or on Facebook. You don’t need to verify your ID or address to create an account. All that’s required is a simple email verification.

Once you create a new account, Chumba Casino will give you 2 million gold coins and 2 sweeps coins for free. That means you can start playing right away without making any purchases.

New accounts also usually get a special offer to buy gold coins. One recent offer gives players 900,000 gold coins for just $5. That’s more than 50% off the regular package price. Additionally, players get 10 free sweeps coins if they take advantage of this offer.

This sweepstakes casino allows players from around the world. However, only players in the US and Canada (except for Quebec and Washington residents) can actually cash out sweeps coins for prizes.

Once you’ve accumulated some sweeps coins, you can withdraw them. The catch is that you need at least 100 sweeps coins minimum in order to withdraw. You will also need to complete an ID verification before your first withdrawal.

How Chumba Casino Works

The Chumba Casino desktop website is the main place to play games. This sweepstakes casino does not offer its own mobile gaming app. However, players can still access the site and play games from mobile web browsers on smartphones.

Chumba Casino has a ton of casino games on offer. Every player will be able to find something they enjoy. You’ll find a list of recent winners on the site’s home page. The home page also shows a real-time ticker of sweeps coins wins. A few casino games will also be featured prominently.

Keep an eye on the Chumba Casino Facebook and Twitter pages. This sweepstakes casino frequently offers free contests via social media. Players can enter to win free sweeps coins at the casino.

Sweepstakes Casino Review: LuckyLand Slots

LuckyLand Slots is partnered with Chumba Casino. Consequently, both sites use the exact same dual currency system. Both sites call their currencies gold coins and sweeps coins.

You can earn sweeps coins at LuckyLand Slots in the exact same ways you can at Chumba Casino. However, LuckyLand Slots does offer a unique double sweeps coins bonus on your first purchase.

The other big difference between LuckyLand Slots and Chumba Casino are the gaming choices. Per the name, LuckyLand Slots only offers slots games.

These are some of the most popular slots games at LuckyLand Slots:

  • Galactic Blast: This slots game has a sci-fi theme and a unique cascading wins system. When you win and clear a payline, those symbols disappear. New symbols will then fall into their places. This game also has a mini-game called Blast Zone that can reward players with some free spins.
  • Paleo Pay Day: This slots game is based on a prehistoric theme. It’s a more traditional slots design. This game lets player multipliers increase on every spin. That means as you play, your odds of winning a big jackpot increase. This game also has a free spins bonus.
  • Dead Lucky: This slots game is based on a Mexican “Day of the Dead” theme. It’s one of the most advanced and complex slots games on the site. It has an all-ways design which means there are 1024 ways to win every time you spin.

LuckyLand Slots will also let players mail in requests for free sweeps coins. Players can also get free sweeps coins via LuckyLand Slots social media contests. Additionally, players can buy gold coins and get a proportionate amount of sweeps coins for free.

How LuckyLand Slots Works

LuckyLand Slots has an excellent desktop website. This site is also optimized for mobile and will respond to the size of player devices. Additionally, LuckyLand Slots offers a mobile app for Android.

It’s very easy to register at LuckyLand Slots. However, players from Washington state and Canada are not eligible to play at LuckyLand Slots. Residents in any other US state can legally sign up.

Players can signup on the LuckyLand Slots website. Additionally, players can make accounts on the sweepstakes casino site via Facebook. Regardless of how you make an account, you will get some free gold coins right away. Once you earn enough sweeps coins, you can withdraw them. You will need to have your ID verified before you can withdraw.

Sweepstakes Casino Review: FunzPoints

FunzPoints is a relatively new online sweepstakes casino. This site is unique in the market because it has its own dual currency system. Instead of coins, players will play for Standard FunzPoints or Premium FunzPoints.

Standard FunzPoints are equivalent to gold coins. These are for entertainment purposes only and cannot be redeemed for prizes. Premium FunzPoints on the other hand are equivalent to sweeps coins. These points cannot be bought outright. Premium FunzPoints can be redeemed for prizes.

When you make a new account at FunzPoints, you automatically get $2.50 worth of Premium FunzPoints. You can use these free points to start playing right away. If you want more points, you can purchase Standard FunzPoints and receive Premium FunzPoints for free. First time players are eligible to receive double Premium FunzPoints on their first purchase of Standard FunzPoints.

FunzPoints offers a bonus wheel every few hours. Players can spin this wheel once per time period. Prizes are usually daily drawing tickets or Standard FunzPoints. With daily draw tickets, players can get up to $350 in Premium FunzPoints.

FunzPoints offers only slots games. You are limited in your choices until you make a purchase. Once you buy a Standard FunzPoints package, you have access to all the casino’s games.

Some of the most popular FunzPoints slots games are Safari Thunder, Criminal Cash, Barnyard Frenzy, Warriors on Wheels and Game of Crowns.

How FunzPoints Works

Anyone in the USA can play at FunzPoints unless they are located in Washington state. Canadian players are also eligible to play at FunzPoints.

FunzPoints only offers a website. This sweepstakes casino has no mobile app. The FunzPoints will work on computers or mobile devices. The website is optimized for mobile play on all Apple or Android devices.

To make an account, you can quickly register on the FunzPoints website. You only need to verify your ID once you’re ready to withdraw money.

Sweepstakes Casino Review: Global Poker

Global Poker is a sweepstakes casino for poker players. This site is open to all players from the US and Canada. It offers a range of poker options.

Global Poker works in a similar way to other online sweepstakes casino websites. Every poker hand is considered a mini sweepstakes contest. Players cannot buy any sweeps coins. However, they can get them as free gifts with a purchase of gold coins.

It’s simple to signup for Global Poker. When you do, you’ll instantly get 5,000 free sweeps coins in your account.

You can also buy packages of gold coins at Global Poker. This sweepstakes casino accepts Visa or Mastercard for purchases.

In order to withdraw sweeps coins from Global Poker, you need a minimum of 50 in your account. Once you’re ready to withdraw, you’ll need to complete an ID verification process.

Global Poker only offers poker games. That said, there isn’t too much variety among them. The only options are no limit Texas Hold’Em and pot limit Omaha. Blinds start at 1-2 cents. Maximum buy-in is 2 sweeps coins. Stakes usually go no higher than $20.

Global Poker does offer some multi-day poker tournaments for avid players. Tournament game options are no limit Texas Hold’Em, pot limit Omaha, and fixed limit Omaha.

Global Poker also gives players weekly tournament options. On Sundays, you’ll find both Sunday Scrimmage and Sunday Teaser tournaments. In Sunday Scrimmage, $50,000 is guaranteed. In Sunday Teaser, $20,000 is guaranteed.

Players at Global Poker can also take advantage of Sit ’n Go. This is a lottery-type tournament for Hold’Em and pot limit Omaha.

How Global Poker Works

The Global Poker sweepstakes casino runs on a browser-based system. That means you can only access the casino website via a web browser. There is no Global Poker mobile app available. However, the Global Poker is optimized for use on mobile devices.

On the Global Poker home page, you’ll see information on a few games that are currently in progress. You will see openings at the tables. Additionally, you can see info on blinds per game, hand per hour, average pot size, and percent flop.

Global Poker does not offer any special VIP rewards or other casino bonuses. This is due to the sweepstakes casinos model. However, Global Poker does display leaderboards. This sweepstakes casino is known to occasionally award top players with free sweeps coins.

Global Poker is available 24/7 in the USA and Canada. You will always be able to find low stakes games. However, players looking for high stakes games might have a more limited selection.