Casino Table Games Online

Table Games Online

Online casinos are a great way to get into gambling. For inexperienced players, it’s easy to learn the classic casino table games online. Online casinos offer lots of free play options so players can learn the ropes. Advanced players will enjoy the great selection of casino table games online today.

Usually, online casinos offer two main types of games: machines and table games.

Machines are well-known even to non-gamblers. These include classic slot machines and video poker games. Casino table games are played at card tables. They include classics like blackjack, roulette, and poker.

Overall, most online casinos offer both types of games. There are usually lots of options in both areas. However, players will find the best odds and lowest house edge in casino table games.

Below we’ve created a comprehensive guide of casino table games online. We cover all the most popular games, the odds and house edges for each, and a bit of strategy.

Play Casino Table Games Online at These Casinos

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How to Play Casino Table Games Online

It’s really easy to start playing table games at online casinos. In fact, it’s even easier than playing at a land-based casino. You don’t need to exchange cash for chips at the window. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about finding a seat at a table.

Getting started playing online casino table games is simple. Just follow these few steps:

Step 1: Create an Account

You’ll need to make an account in order to gamble at an online casino. When you visit an online casino site, the option to sign up will be very obvious. Online casinos try to make it as easy as possible for new players to join.

To create an account, you just need to provide some basic personal info. Usually, online casinos ask for your full name, birthday, email address, and phone number. Some will ask for additional info to verify your identity.

Online casinos offer a lot of great bonuses for new players. Anyone making a brand new account is eligible for free cash and deposit match offers. Usually, to unlock these offers you need to enter a promo code during signup.

Once you submit your account application, the casino will review it. Usually, new accounts are approved right away.

Step 2: Play Free Casino Table Games

Once you make an online casino account, you don’t have to deposit cash right away. Instead, you can enjoy some free casino table games first.

First, you need to find the section on the casino website for table games. Every table game the casino has will be listed in one place.

The most popular casino table games online are blackjack, roulette, baccarat, poker, and craps. Some online casinos offer some special versions of these games like 3 Card Poker, Let It Ride, Ultimate Texas Hold ’em and Sic Bo.

Usually, you can play any online casino table game for free. Simply select the free-play option when opening the game. The casino will give you some free play money to use.

Step 3: Make a Deposit

Once you’re warmed up, it’s time to play table games for real money! In order to do that, you’ll have to make a deposit into your account. Usually, online casinos have tons of safe ways to deposit cash.

Overall, online casinos will accept credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, and e-wallets like PayPal. Most will also allow deposits via e-checks, direct pay, wire transfers, Apple Pay, and even Bitcoin.

However, there are limits at every online casino. Individual player deposits are typically capped at a maximum amount. Occasionally, there are minimums as well.

Step 4: Play Table Games for Real Money

Once you have an approved account and you’ve made a deposit, you can play table games for real money. This is where the real fun begins!

Usually, online casino table games will allow minimum bets of just $1. Occasionally, you can even find minimum bets as low as 10 cents. All casino table games will also have maximum bet limits. These are typically $500 or $1000 per hand.

Best Casino Table Games

Best Casino Table Games Online in 2021

There are a lot of different casino table games out there today. As online casinos continue to grow, even more will be added. New table game versions are being released all the time.

These are the most popular casino table games right now.

3 Card Poker

In this poker version, you only play against the dealer directly.

At the beginning of each hand, the player needs to “ante” or buy-in to the hand. Once players buy-in, the dealer passes out cards. The dealer and the player each receive three face-down cards.

Players can then look at their cards to determine whether to bet or fold. If you decide the play the hand, you must place a bet. Once that’s done, the player and the dealer compare hands. Whoever has the stronger hand will win. Winning hands are determined based on 3 card poker hand rankings.

There are some possible side bets in 3 card poker. Players can place an “ante bonus” bet if their hand is a straight or better. Additionally, players can make a Pair Plus side bet that gives a big payout for straight flush.

Let It Ride

This is another variation of the classic poker table game.

Players start a hand by placing three equally sized bets. Once these bets are placed, the dealer passes out three “hole cards” to each player. Each card corresponds to each bet. The dealer will also get three hole cards. Additionally, two community cards will be dealt during the hand.

The key to this game is that players can actually remove one or two of their bets. You can remove one right away, as soon as you look at your hole cards. You can remove another after the first community card is played. If you decide to keep your bets on the table, you “let it ride”. That’s where this poker variant gets its name.

The goal is to use your three hole cards with the community cards to create a five-card poker hand. The strongest hand will with the round.


Craps is a popular casino table game involving dice rolls. The dice roller is known as the shooter. In online craps games, the player is always the shooter. To play, two dice are rolled. Players bet on the dice combination that they believe will be rolled.

There are lots of dice combinations in craps. Bets can be placed over the course of a few dice rolls. Additionally, there is a wide variety of wagering options in craps.

Ultimate Texas Hold’Em

This poker variant is basically the classic Hold’Em poker. However, in this version you are not playing against a table full of players. Instead, you compete against the dealer directly. This version is very common at online casinos.

The basic game is the same as classic Texas Hold’Em. The round starts with an ante bet. Next, the player is dealt two hole cards. Once you check your cards, you can either check or raise the ante.

Once the initial betting round is completed, the dealer lays out three community cards. This is called the flop. If you raised before the flop, then you’re done with betting for that round. If you didn’t raise before the flop, you have the option to do it afterwards.

After that, two more community cards are dealt. Once there are five community cards on the table, the hand is over. At that point, the player and the dealer compare hands. The strongest five-card poker hand will win the round. Usually, players will get bonuses for hands like a flush or higher.

Pai Gow Poker

This poker version is much different from other versions of the game.

To start a round, players are dealt seven cards in total. They must use these cards to form a “front” and a “back” hand.

In Pai Gow poker, the back hand must have five cards. Additionally, it must be stronger than the front hand. The front hand can only have two cards.

The dealer will also form their own front and back hands. Once the player and the dealer have made their hands, both parties show their cards.

The player will win if both their hands beat the dealer’s hands. It’s called a push if you win one and lose the other. If you lose both hands, you lose the round.


Baccarat is one of the oldest casino table games. It’s been brought online and is still quite popular today.

In this game, the player competes directly against the banker or dealer. Bets are placed on whether or not the banker’s hand wins, the player’s hand wins, or both hands tie.

Whoever has a total score closest to nine will win the hand. If anyone’s score goes into double digits, the first number is dropped. That means a 19 will become a 9.

Sic Bo

Sic Bo comes from a variation of Chinese dominoes. In this game, players use three dice to try and get winning combinations. The dice are loaded into a cage where the dealer rolls them.

Players place bets on the combined numbers they believe will be rolled. To place bets, chips are placed in specific spots on the table. For example, placing a wager on “Big” in Sic Bo is common. This bet assumes that the dice combination will give a number between 11 and 17.

Sic Bo has a ton of different possible bets. Players can try lots of different wagers to keep things exciting.

Roulette: American and European

Roulette is perhaps the most well-know casino table game. It uses the classic roulette wheel to spin a ball. Players place bets on where they believe the ball will land when the wheels stops spinning.

There are lots of betting options in roulette. Players can bet on specific numbers, black or red, even or odd numbers, or on zeroes. These bets fall into different categories. Inside bets will give players higher payouts but they have difficult odds. Outside bets give lower payouts but the odds of winning are higher.

There are two main types of roulette. Both American and European versions of the game are popular.

American roulette features a wheel with 38 slots. This includes a zero and a double zero. This roulette version favors the house a bit more with a 5.26% house edge.

European roulette uses a wheel with 37 slots, one less than the American version. That’s because in European roulette, the double zero is removed. Only the single zero is used. This version is actually a bit better for the player with a 2.7% house edge.

Live Dealer Games

Many online casinos offer live dealer games. These casino table games are played online with real live dealers. The dealers are located in studios at physical casinos or game developers. Video of the dealers is streamed live to players via the internet.

This type of online gambling is the closest you can get to real live casino gambling online. These casino table games are much more interactive. Players have the options to chat with the dealer and other players if they want. Usually, the dealers are very social and happy to talk. If you don’t want to chat, you can easily turn this feature off.

These casino table games make the gameplay experience feel more like a real casino. Usually, online casinos offer these games throughout the day. However, you might not always find an open seat.

Live Dealer Games

Real Money vs Free Casino Table Games Online

Obviously, the main difference between real money and free casino table games is the use of real cash. If you’re unsure where to start, this information might help you.

Real Money Table Games

  • Most games allow bets from $1 to $500 per hand
  • You get real money when you win a hand
  • You can win bonus payouts in certain games

Free Table Games

  • You can test out and learn new games for free
  • You can practice your strategy with zero risk
  • It’s all for fun, no risk and no stress

Best Casino Table Game Odds

All casino table games have different odds. Some games are generally quite friendly to the player. However, some give the casino a bigger advantage.

Picking the right game with the best odds will give you the best chance at winning. Below is a list of common casino table games with the lowest house advantage.

1. Blackjack – Advantage Less Than 0.5%

Overall, blackjack is one of the best casino table games for the player. Usually, it has the lowest house advantage of any game on the casino floor. However, this will vary based on the specific house rules and player skill.

If you find a game with good rules and you’re an expert at the game, you can reduce the house advantage to just 0.5%.

The most player-friendly blackjack games you’ll find online use a single deck and give 3:2 blackjack payouts. Additionally, house rules where the dealer stands on a soft 17 give players a bigger advantage.

There are other blackjack rules that affect player odds too. However, the three mentioned above will give players the best advantage.

You can create your own effective blackjack strategy by using charts found online. The internet is full of blackjack strategy charts for all versions of the game. Make sure you use strategy charts for the specific version you’re playing.

2. Craps – Advantage as Low as 1.36%

There are a few different bets you can make when playing craps. The good news is that most of these bets have a low house advantage. The “pass line” and “come” bets both have a 1.41% house advantage. Additionally, the “don’t pass line” and “don’t come” bets have a 1.36% house advantage.

Players can make the house advantage in craps even lower if they use “odds” when betting. Backing up a wager with “odds” means that the bet will pay at true odds without any house advantage.

Overall, the higher the odds you bet with, the lower the house advantage. For example, 5x odds combined with a pass line bet results in a house advantage of just 0.326 percent.

However, the catch here is that betting with higher odds requires more cash. You will need to risk more money in order to lower the house advantage.

3. Baccarat – Advantage as Low as 1.06%

Baccarat gives players three different betting options. The best house advantage you can get in baccarat is 1.06 percent. The easiest way to get this advantage is to bet on the banker’s hand.

However, casinos do take a 5% cut of the winnings if players win on a banker hand bet. After the commission is taken out, the house advantage is still just 1.06 percent.

The other two bets in baccarat have a higher house advantage. The player bet has a 1.24% advantage. The tie bet has a much higher 14.36% advantage. Consequently, it’s in your best interest to avoid the tie bet in baccarat.

4. European Roulette – Advantage as Low as 2.70%

In American roulette, players will have to deal with both a zero and double zero. Conversely, in European roulette there is only a single zero. This increases player odds. The resulting house advantage in European roulette is 2.70 percent.

There is also another variant of European roulette known as French roulette. In this version, the “la partage” rules is the only difference. With this rule, players will receive half of their money back on losing bets when the ball lands on zero.

Keep in mind that the la partage rule only applies to even money bets. That means you need to bet on red or black, high or low, or odd or even. Otherwise, you won’t get the benefit of la partage.

European Roulette

Casino Table Games Strategy

Certainly, there is strategy to many casino table games. These strategies differ for every game. Some games have very in-depth strategy. However, for others you really just need to place the right bets.

The most strategic casino table game is blackjack. There are lots of strategy charts out there for this game. They describe exactly when to hit or stand depending on the cards in play. There are also blackjack trainers online. These are basically just blackjack games that let you re-do moves to work out mistakes.

In blackjack games, there are also other variables like the double down and split. These special cases further complicate the game’s strategy. However, most blackjack strategy charts take these into account too.

Other strategic casino table games include Carribbean Stud and Let It Ride. The strategy for these games can be complex. Players need to understand a wide range of possible gameplay situations.

Casino table games like craps, roulette, sic bo, and three card poker are much simpler. These games don’t really have strategies. Instead, it comes down to placing the right bets depending on the situation. Players can learn the basic best practices for these games in just a few minutes.

Casino Table Games Software Developers

Game developers are what drive the online gambling industry forward. These companies develop all the casino games you can find online. These games are licensed to individual online casinos.

Some software developers also create full solutions for casinos. These are solutions that control the casino’s online gaming systems. These tools allow for account management, gaming, and customer support all in one.

Every market is involved with different game providers. New Jersey and Pennsylvania are two of the largest legal online gambling markets in the USA. In these states, you’ll find games from High5 Games, IGT, and NetEnt.

Live Dealer Casino Table Games

Live dealer online gambling is a great way to get into the action. These games are fully played online but they use live human dealers. The dealers are located in studios in remote locations. Live video of the dealer is streamed over the internet so players see everything in real time.

This makes the online casino gaming experience more interactive. It’s the closest you can get to a real casino experience while online.

How Do You Play at Live Dealer Casinos?

It’s very simple to play live dealer games online. First, you need to find an online casino offering these games. You’ll find lots of options in US states with legal online casinos. For example, New Jersey has a ton of live dealer gaming options online.

Once you pick a casino with good live dealer game choices, it’s as simple as clicking on the game. Once you click, you join the game and are dealt into the next round.

Occasionally, online live dealer games will be full. In this case, you should try looking at other casinos. You will always be able to find open seats somewhere. Additionally, you can bet on other players’ actions using the “bet behind” feature if it’s offered.

Live Dealer Advantages

  • Closest to the real live casino experience
  • Watch the dealer turn cards in real time
  • Large variety of games to choose from
  • Easy to enter and switch games
  • Chat live with the dealer and other players

Live Dealer Disadvantages

  • Higher minimum bets than other table games online
  • Tables can fill up quickly
  • Not all online casinos offer live dealer games
  • Can only communicate via chat window

Live Casino Table Game vs Table Games Online

It’s legal to play casino table games online in just a few US states. New Jersey and Pennsylvania are two of the biggest markets in the country for online gambling. Additionally, both states also have a bunch of land-based casino options.

If you’re unsure about which casino option to choose, we can help. Here are a few of the main differences between land-based casino gaming and online gaming.

Land-Based Casino Table Games

  • Casinos have a unique atmosphere
  • True gambling experience
  • Lots of entertainment options
  • Food & drink options
  • Many casinos have hotels
  • Casino comp programs

Casino Table Games Online

  • The most convenient gambling experience
  • Save money by staying at home
  • Lots of game choices in one place
  • Usually, house advantages are lower
  • Live dealer games offer a bit of the live experience
Casino Table Casino online

Casino Table Game FAQ

How Much Money Do I Need to Play Table Games Online?

You don’t need much to get started. Most online table games let you buy-in for just $1 per hand. Conversely, at land-based casinos you won’t find anything lower than $5 or $10.

Additionally, almost all online casinos let you play some games for free. You can try out most games without depositing any real money.

Which Online Casino Has the Best Table Games?

Overall, it’s pretty much the same at every casino. Most will offer the same basic table games. However, there are some online casinos with very limited table game options.

Most online casinos do offer table games, but it’s harder to find lots of live dealer options. If you like live dealer games, you will be limited to fewer casino choices.

Keep in mind that while most online casinos do offer the same game types, they often use different developers. If you like a particular developer, that might influence your casino choice.

Why is the Percent Hold Higher for Table Games vs Slot Machines?

Slot machines hold a higher percentage of player bets than table games do. These are the biggest reasons why:

  • Slots require smaller minimum bets
  • There really is no strategy for slots
  • Slots are popular regardless of their house advantage

It’s easy to find online slots games that charge just 25 cents per spin. Casinos know that this means they will make less money. To offset this, they use a larger hold percentage.

Can I Earn Comp Points at a Casino Table Game?

Overall, the answer is yes. However, how this works is different for every casino. For example, casino A might offer one point for every $500 wagered while casino B might offer 1 point for every $100 wagered.

Keep in mind that not all casino games qualify for comps. Some table games are not eligible. For example, many casinos don’t allow comps in blackjack games because the house advantage is so low.

What is the Fastest Way to Earn Comp Points?

Overall, video poker will earn players comp points faster than table games. Video poker moves at a faster pace, so it’s easier to pack more points into the same time period. It’s about in line with slot machines in this way.

Slots give players the highest comp rates. Usually, video poker games offer the same rates. However, video poker generally has a lower house advantage than slots.

What are the Best Casino Table Game Odds?

This can vary from casino to casino. However, in general, certain game types have the same odds across the board.

These are the best casino table game odds online:

  • Blackjack = 0.5% to 1.0% house edge
  • Baccarat = 1.06%
  • French roulette = 1.35%
  • Craps = 1.36% (or lower w/ odds)
  • Three-card poker = 2.01%
  • European roulette = 2.70%

What are the Worst Casino Table Game Odds?

Some casino table games are not great for player odds. These are the worst table game odds you’ll find online:

  • Craps prop bets = Up to 16.67% house edge
  • American roulette = 5.26%
  • Caribbean stud = 5.22%
  • Let it ride = 3.51%