Ultimate Texas Hold’Em Online

Ultimate Texas Hold’Em is just like the classic Texas Hold’Em poker game you know and love. The difference is that Ultimate Texas Hold’Em is made to be played online. When you play this game online, you don’t play against other real players. Instead, you play only against the dealer.

Just like classic Texas Hold’Em, in this version players get 2 hole cards at the start of every round. Additionally, the dealer will still lay out the flop, the turn, and the river. That gives players 3 chances to bet in every round. Players also have the option to check instead of placing a bet.

Below we go over all the details of Ultimate Texas Hold’Em online. We will explain the rules, the house advantage of the game, and available side bets. We also go into detail on Ultimate Texas Hold’Em (UTH) strategy.

Ultimate Texas Hold’Em Rules

In Ultimate Texas Hold’Em online, players compete against the dealer alone. Consequently, every player must an Ante and a Blind bet to begin every hand. Players can also place a side bet called a “Trips” bet. We’ll explain side bets later.

Ultimate Texas Hold’Em is played with just one deck of cards. That deck is shuffled after every hand. To start a hand, the dealer gives 2 face-down hole cards to the player and to himself. Five face-down community cards are also dealt at the start of the round. These cards will be turned over as the round progresses.

One of the big differences between Ultimate and classic Texas Hold’Em is the number of bets that are allowed. In the classic game, players can bet after each card is turned. In Ultimate Texas Hold’Em online, players can only make a Play bet once during each round. Players can place their bets during the same betting rounds as the classic game. However, once a bet is made the player must wait for the round to end.

These are the betting rounds in Ultimate Texas Hold’Em:

  • Pre-Flop: Before any community cards are turned, the player can choose to bet 3x or 4x their Ante. This is the largest possible betting round because it’s the most risky.
  • On the Flop: After the first three community cards are revealed (the “flop”), there’s another chance to bet. This time, the player can only bet up to 2x their Ante.
  • After the River: Once all five community cards have been turned, there is a final betting round. In this round, the player can only bet 1x their Ante.
Ultimate Texas Hold’Em Rules

When the Player And the Dealer Reveal Their Hands

Once all the community cards have been revealed, the player and dealer reveal their hands. However, the dealer must meet a dealer qualification requirement. In Ultimate Texas Hold’Em online, the dealer needs at least 1 pair to qualify. If the dealer qualifies, it’s known as being Open.

To win a round of Ultimate Texas Hold’Em online, you need to beat the dealer’s best 5-card poker hand. This game uses the same poker hands as the classic version of the game.

Ultimately, this is how bets are paid out:

  • Player Wins & Dealer Opens: Player is paid the Blind, Ante, and Play bets
  • Player Wins & Dealer Doesn’t Open: Player is paid the Blind and Play bets, Ante is pushed to the next round
  • Dealer Wins & Opens: Player loses all their bets
  • Dealer Wins & Doesn’t Open: Player loses Blind and Play bets, Ante is pushed

If there is a direct tie between the player and dealer, all bets are pushed to the next round.

Ultimate Texas Hold’Em payouts are straightforward. If the player wins, the Ante and Play bets are paid out at a 1:1 rate. However, Blind bets are paid based on the strength of the player’s hand.

These are the payouts for Blind bets:

  • Royal Flush: 500:1
  • Straight Flush: 50:1
  • 4 of a Kind: 10:1
  • Full House: 3:1
  • Flush: 3:2
  • Straight: 1:1

If the player has a hand below a straight, the Blind bet for that round is a push.

Ultimate Texas Hold’Em Strategy

There is some Ultimate Texas Hold’Em strategy you should know to give yourself the best odds of winning. These strategies are simple to learn. Essentially, they help you decide whether it’s best to bet or fold based on your hand.

The basic strategy tips below will help you in most games. Keep in mind that “suited” below means that both your hole cards are of the same suit.

Before the Flop

You should bet 4x if you have any of these hands:

  • Any pair
  • You cab use any ace
  • Any suited king
  • King / 5 (unsuited or better)
  • Queen / 8+ (unsuited)
  • Queen / 6 or 7 (suited)
  • Jack / 10 (unsuited)
  • Jack / 8 or 9 (suited)

You should check before the flop if you have any other hand.

On the Flop

You should bet 2x if you have any of these hands:

  • Any pair including one of your hole cards (except for a pair of 2s)
  • 2 pairs or better
  • 4 suited cards (4 to a flush) when one of your suited cards is at least a 10

Outside of these hands, you should check on the flop.

After the River

If you have not already bet, this is your final chance in the round. You should be 1x if you have any hand better than a pair that includes one of your hole cards.

Unlike other poker versions, you really can’t succeed at Ultimate Texas Hold’Em by playing blind. Playing blind means that you bet regardless of the hole cards you have. If you choose to play blind, you give the casino a massive house advantage.

Ultimate Texas Holdem strategry

UTH Side Bets

There is actually a bonus bet already built into Ultimate Texas Hold’Em online. It’s the mandatory Blind bet. In the table above, you saw that a Blind can payout up to 500:1 on a royal flush. That’s the best payout in the game.

There is also a “Trips” side bet in the online version of this game. This side bet is treated differently at every online casino. The prizes offered will vary. Some online casinos include a progressive jackpot with this side bet.

A Trips bet is made before any cards are dealt in a round. It’s a bit of a risky bet. You’ll only get paid if your hand plus the community cards equals a three of a kind or better. Any other hands will lose the bet. However, the Trips bet is played separately from the hand you play against the dealer. That means you can lose the main hand but still win the Trips bet.

If you succeed with the Trips bet, this is what you’ll be paid:

  • Royal Flush: 50:1
  • Straight Flush: 40:1
  • 4 of a Kind: 30:1
  • Full House: 9:1
  • Flush: 7:1
  • Straight: 4:1
  • 3 of a Kind: 3:1

UTH House Advantage

It’s possible to play a “perfect” round of Ultimate Texas Hold’Em online, but it’s really hard to do. You’ll need to make perfect decisions of what to bet and when. If you play a perfect hand, the house advantage is about 2.2 percent.

Keep in mind that the house advantage changes depending on how and when you bet. For example, betting before the flop has just a 0.5% house advantage. However, if you bet 4x your Ante during that round, the house advantage goes up to 2 percent.

The Trips side bet always favors the house because it’s tough to get at least 3 of a kind. Additionally, players have no way to know what cards they’ll get when they make a Trips bet.

Legal Ultimate Texas Hold’Em Online

In the USA, there are four states where you can play legal Ultimate Texas Hold’Em online. These states have legalized online casino gambling. They include New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and West Virginia. However, other US states are likely to join this list soon. Keep in mind that in order to play in these states, you need to be located inside their borders.

At licensed online casinos in these states, players have the option to gamble via mobile apps or websites. Almost every single online casino has a dedicated mobile app. Additionally, all online casino websites will work on mobile devices as well as desktop and laptop computers.

Ultimate Texas Hold’Em is a popular poker variant at most online casinos. Additionally, many online casinos offer table games like blackjack, roulette, and 3 card poker. Slots are also very popular online. Slots games make up most of the gaming options at online casinos.

Live Dealer UTH Online

Many licensed online casinos offer live dealer table games. These games feature real live human dealers who control the games remotely. These dealers are filmed live in remote studios. This live video is streamed to players over the internet. Consequently, players can see everything in real time as it happens. Players can also chat with the dealer and with each other.

The most popular live dealer online casino games are blackjack and roulette. Additionally, some online casinos do offer live dealer Ultimate Texas Hold’Em and 3 card poker.

Because live dealer games are played in real time with live dealers and players, there are time limits. That means you need to finish your turn before your time runs out. Usually, turns are about 30 seconds each. This helps keep the game moving. If you don’t respond in time, you automatically fold.

Additionally, be aware that live dealer games generally have larger bets and higher minimums.

Ultimate Texas Hold’Em Casino Bonuses

At licensed online casinos in legal states, there are plenty of bonus offers. These bonuses can give players free cash. Specifically, you can get free cash for making a new account, making a first deposit, or reloading your account. Most online casinos have bonuses for all this situations.

Using these bonuses, you can play a few hands of Ultimate Texas Hold’Em free.

Keep in mind that all online casino bonuses have terms and conditions. These terms dictate the rules of the bonus. Most casino bonuses have wagering requirements. These require that you bet a certain amount before you can withdraw bonus cash.

Every online casino will weight its games in terms of clearing that wagering requirement. In slots, 100% of your bets go to clearing your bonus. However, in Ultimate Texas Hold’Em online, weights are lower. This varies by casino. Usually, the bonus weights for table games are low around 10 or 20 percent. That means you’ll need to play a lot of Ultimate Texas Hold’Em online to clear a bonus.

Ultimate Texas Holdem Poker bonuses

Ultimate Texas Hold’Em FAQ

How Big Should My Bankroll Be to Play Ultimate Texas Hold’Em?

Compared to other casino table games, Ultimate Texas Hold’Em online can have a lot of bets. At most, you’ll be betting 7 units per hand. That’s if you place a 4x pre-flop bet and Trips bet along with the required Ante and Blind.

Because of this, we recommend a larger bankroll than for other games. Most casino table games recommend just 20 units for betting. However, for Ultimate Texas Hold’Em, you should have about 50 units for betting. That works out to about $250 at a $5 table.

Can You Cheat at Ultimate Texas Hold’Em Online?

Overall, this is really impossible. In theory, you could collaborate with the dealer to see their cards, but this is unlikely. You could also use marked cards. However, when playing online, this is impossible.

Colluding with other players might help, but it doesn’t work with Ultimate Texas Hold’Em online. When you play this game online, you only play against a single dealer.

Ultimate Texas Hold’Em online uses a single deck of cards. This deck is shuffled after each hand. That makes card counting impossible too.

Can I Play Ultimate Texas Hold’Em Online?

Absolutely you can! In US states with legal online casino gambling, you have lots of choices. Presently, just Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Michigan, and West Virginia have licensed online casinos. More states will likely join this list soon. Check back here regularly for updates.

What’s the Difference Between Ultimate Texas Hold’Em Online and Live Dealer Games?

Software-based Ultimate Texas Hold’Em online games typically have lower minimums. Some of these games start at less than $1 per hand. You can play these games online at any time. Additionally, you can play them on mobile devices or desktop devices.

Live dealer Ultimate Texas Hold’Em has higher minimums. Usually, they are around $5 per hand. Additionally, live dealer games are much more social. Players can chat with each other and with the dealer. If you don’t want to chat, you can turn it off easily. Players also get to see everything the dealer does in real time.

What’s the Difference Between Ultimate Texas Hold’Em and Classic Texas Hold’Em?

The biggest difference between these two poker variants is who they are played against. In classic Texas Hold’Em, players compete against each other directly. The dealer gets no hole cards and just controls the game. These games have lots more skill involved. There are different strategies and odds. Additionally, players can bluff whenever they like.

Ultimate Texas Hold’Em is designed for online play. In this version, players compete only against a single dealer. The dealer gets their own hole cards. Betting is different too. Players can only make a Play bet once during each round. However, the community cards are the same – there are still 5 in total. They also have the same names as classic Texas Hold’Em (flop, turn, river). The same 5-card poker hands still determine the round winner.